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Rough Drafts: Vintage Masters

Hey everyone, it's time for another edition of Rough Drafts! The holiday season is always a special time on Magic Online, typically highlighted by the return of Holiday Cube (the best of all Magic Online cubes), and while we do have Holiday Cube drafts starting next week, we have a super-sweet surprise this week: Vintage Masters drafts! If you're not familiar with Vintage Masters, it's one of the best Masters sets of all time, although it is only available on Magic Online (mostly because it contains a ton of cards on the Reserved List, including the iconic Power Nine), and the limited format is awesome. You can storm off, cycle your way through the format with Astral Slide, beat down with green auras like Gaea's Embrace, or go with a weenie strategy in white (tokens / shadow) or red (Goblins), along with a bunch of other archetypes. Basically, the format is awesome; plus, there's a chance of opening a Black Lotus or Mox! 

So today, we're jumping into a Vintage Masters draft. What does the format look like? Which archetypes are best? Can we open a piece of power? Let's get to the videos and find out!

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Vintage Masters: Drafting

Vintage Masters: Round 1

Vintage Masters: Round 2

Vintage Masters: Round 3

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