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Rough Drafts: Chaos Draft

Rough Drafts time! This week, we're trying something brand new: Chaos Draft on Magic Online! If you're not familiar with chaos drafting, it's a super-unique and fun style of draft. Rather than everyone getting packs from the same set, each pack in the draft is different, and you never know what pack you (or your opponents) will open! This has a weird effect on drafting itself, where mechanics tied to specific sets (like cycling payoffs from Amonkhet block) get a lot worse, since there aren't many sets that support cycling. Meanwhile, you'll also find some really sweet inter-set synergies that would never show up in a normal limited format. The end result is a "chaotic" and fairly random limited format that's a ton of fun! Can we open some sweet bombs and find some sweet synergies? Let's find out!

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Rough Drafts: Chaos Draft

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