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Fish Five-0: Rogues of the Peaks (Standard)

I'm still trying to find a home for Terror of the Peaks and I can't help but feel like the card is destined for something great sometime soon. It may not be until rotation but I've got to try it in as many shells as I can before rotation. So naturally, I threw it in with my love for Rogues!..

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The deck can shift gears as it can play the controlling game plan early and then become more aggressive. We have cheap threats like Thieves' Guild Enforcer and the usual suspects when it comes to rogues, but one of the newer rogues that I've been having fun with is Ghostly Pilferer. This card will draw us cards when opponents cast cards from anywhere that isn't in their hand so this means adventures and Uro. It can also give itself unblockable while drawing you cards when it untaps.

Outside of the rogue package...

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This is our top end and might be a bit clunky at points but untapping with a Terror of the Peaks is so much fun and generates so much value as all of our creatures become burn spells that leave behind a body. 

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With the uptick in Lucky Clover from adventure decks, this card's stock might've gotten a slight bump because it can become another way to deal with planeswalkers or creatures. This card has quietly been helping my Grixis decks stay in games against adventures as Grixis decks rely on a bunch of one for ones and Lucky Clover just generates too much value. It also deals with Embercleave and The Great Henge so the main deck artifact hate is nice. The cost of two mana does make a difference for our deck as opposed to playing something like Bedevil. Sure, Bedevil allows us to target the specific threat but the cost is a bit harder on us. 


It's still rough trying to play a deck that has a gameplan that naturally fuels cards like Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath but regardless, the playstyle and cards are definitely fun and as you can see in the video, it can get wins. The deck's biggest weakness is its inability to hang with decks that go way too big with cards like Hydroid Krasis. I've thought about adding Narset, Parter of Veils but the fact that we run so many creatures, it'll feel bad if we don't hit something. Because of that, Hydroid Krasis dunks us but maybe it's worth missing on Narset's activations. Overall, I think the deck is too fair for where standard is right now but once we lose a few sets and the power level decreases, it might be worth dusting off rogues again. If you want to try to brave the standard storm, I would recommend adding Narsets as mentioned above but also adding more ways to stabilize against Red Decks. 

Thanks for watching and reading.

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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