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Fish Five-0: Mono Black Devotion (Standard)

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Our deck's priority is to win with an old mechanic, Devotion

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We're hoping to build up enough black pips from all of our permanents and then wither opponents to a low enough life to close with Gray Merchant of Asphodel. This card was a real finisher in original Theros so we had to play it again. If you look at all of our permanents, they're heavy on the swamp mana symbols for a reason: Daemogoth Titan and Dramatic Finale. As you can see with cards like Ayara, First of Locthwain and Dramatic Finale, we've definitely got a go wide plan. We produce tokens through cards like Sedgemoor Witch and our Learn package!

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With all of the little critters, Ayara can help us ping our opponents down to a lower health total. All of the pests come with their own built-in drain effects and are buffed by Dramatic Finale.


The deck is a lot of fun but is severely overshadowed by any Yorion deck. Yorion decks are able to counterspell our board and dunk us with Shadows' Verdict and I'm not really sure there's much we can do except hope to get lucky against them. Otherwise, the deck is a lot of fun against most decks. I've thought about adding Bastion of Remembrance to ping our opponent's life a bit. The still feels a bit slow and at times feels too fair for this meta. However, Gary can still pack quite the punch and is a fun deck for those who remember mono-black devotion from before! 

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