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Fish Five-0: Not Another Esper Control Deck!

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Control got quite a few things with Crimson Vow with a Syncopate reprint, Path of Peril, and Hullbreaker Horror!

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These two spells are going to be huge as now we have a respectable early counterspell that can also exile whatever is countered. The exiling clause is looking to be more relevant each day! Then there's Path of Peril which is amazing as it gets under Reidane, God of the Worthy's tax effect and can pick up almost all of mono-white, mono-green, vampires, and a majority of aggro deck's threats. It's also nice being able to blow up tokens for three mana!

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Control also got some sweet new finishers. Hullbreaker Horror is going to be huge at dunking on Alrund's Epiphany and most midrange/control matchups! The fact that it is uncounterable is great even in a world of Divide by Zero. Being able to bounce any spell off the stack is huge while also giving us an efficient way to deal with problematic non-land permanents on the board. Another flash threat that is out of the sideboard is Cemetery Protector. I think this card does a ton of work as it's much lower on the curve and has flash which is nice. It allows us to block quite nicely as it's a 3/4 and if we're able to exile an instant, we can probably spawn a huge army to play defense or go on the offense.


It's still a little early to be fully controlling the meta, but as of right now, the match-ups the deck could use some help with is mono-green. Green has too many efficient threats and none of them can resolve. Otherwise, the deck feels quite nice against most matchups. The new tap-out control decks are interesting as their value engine is super solid. They have Eyetwitch and so forth to chip away at our health. That matchup feels 50/50 but if you're up against any other aggro deck or even the extra turns match up, our deck feels favored.

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