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Fish Five-0: Blue-gin

This week we're playing something sweet that Gerry Thompson made and it's a Mono Blue Ugin deck aka Bluegin! 

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The deck plays like a big mana blue deck and makes use of cards like Skyclave Relic and Throne of Makindi to get some sweet kicker action. We also play counterspells like Essence Scatter to help keep us alive to a point where we can stabilize and windmill slam our favorite spirit dragon!

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With how the format currently is, Ugin is pretty backbreaking if he lands as the -X exiling is pretty huge and the best part is it doesn't touch a majority of our own things. Of course, at eight mana, Ugin comes with a real cost but luckily we have cards like Solemn Simulacrum and Skyclave Relic to help but the biggest boost for mana ramp comes from a card I assumed to only see play in Commander and Historic...

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Forsaken Monument was last seen in the Mono Brown deck I played but in standard, it turns out doubling your mana is still good (surprise!). The life gain will help us stay alive and the +2/+2 is actually sweet as it turns our little creatures into actual threats. Being able to get a ton of buff constructs off of a Myriad Construct is sweet. Speaking of that construct...

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There's a little theme of kicker in my version of this deck. Gerry's original version didn't play Myriad Construct but I wanted to add a few more bodies to benefit from Forsaken Monument

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Another card that I'm really impressed by is Crawling Barrens. This format is loaded with sorcery speed removal and Heartless Act which this card efficiently dodges. I find that this card is often how I'm closing games as we often exhaust our opponents of their resources and in that moment is when we animate our friendly little land!


We went on a tear with the deck and it was a lot fun so thanks to Gerry Thompson for posting the list! A few tweaks that I added compared to Gerry's list was adding Thryx, the Sudden Storm and Myriad Construct. I'm a fan of Thryx out of the board as its a flash threat that can fly so if it resolves, it can dunk on a decent amount of rogues. On top of that, it helps against Dimir Control as its a card that they need to answer in order to counter our big bombs. Being able to play a threat that forces them to use resources on their end step is sweet. As for Myriad Construct, I think the card is sweet despite me not fully reading the self sac part. It allows us a way to go wide and get use out of Throne of Makindi. I think the card is playable in the deck but probably not more than two copies. Other than that, this list seems pretty tight and its hard to move stuff around. 

If I were to add anything else, it might be more ways to interact with Rogue and aggro decks. Maybe Lullmage's Domination or more Brazen Borrower. Either way, thanks for watching and reading. This deck is a blast and standard is great right now! See you all out there in the queues.

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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