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Cuddly Soft Combo #2

Primalcrux and Progenitor Mimic Combo

Welcome back combo fans for another Cuddly Soft Combo!

Today we are going to take a trip. Destination? Magical Christmas Land. This is one of those combos when pulled off (and protected) will create a story not only you will tell at future EDH games, but one your opponents will tell too.

Today we are looking at Primalcrux and Progenitor Mimic. The combo is simple; get Primalcrux in play then cast Progenitor Mimic copying Primalcrux. Primalcrux’s power and toughness are equal to the number of green mana symbols in the mana costs of permanents you control. By himself he is a 6/6, but when Progenitor Mimic copies him it copies all attributes on the card (including CMC and mana symbols), so he instantly becomes a 12/12 along with the Progenitor Mimic being a 12/12. The next turn the Progenitor Mimic makes a token copy of Primalcrux making the original and all copies of the Primalcrux an 18/18 and this gets larger and larger each turn Progenitor Mimic is allowed to live (this is why Progenitor Mimic needs the protecting). 

Since Progenitor Mimic is the key piece to this combo we have to protect him. One way to protect him is making it so he can't be targeted by spells or abilities. Cards like Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots are excellent tools in this situation and should already be in most EDH decks. Another common answer for this sort of combo is a board wipe, so making Progenitor Mimic indestructible is another option for protection. A great card to do this with would be Darksteel Plate. When the boots are combined with Darksteel Plate, you have created a situation that is very difficult but not impossible to deal with — Merciless Eviction comes to mind as a potential answer. 

So where do I see this combo and in what sort of deck could this fit into? I see this as a viable Tooth and Nail target. Too many EDH games have been ended by the words "Tooth and Nail entwined" and this will surprise and delight your opponents by showing them you are not going to go infinite and that you chose to take a fun route to possibly ending the game. Not only that, it should buy you some good will incase your opponents choose to play another game with you. What sort of deck could this combo fit into? I can see this being a fun addition to a Momir Vig, Simic Visionary deck which typically plays a good amount of creatures or possibly a Prime Speaker Zegana deck which could draw your entire deck if the combo goes on for too long.

Thanks combo fans for reading and please leave your comments below! 

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