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Commander 2019 Commanders: Sweet Synergies and Spicy Lists

Aug 05 // by SaffronOlive

We've got our first batch of new legends from Commander 2019! What sweet tricks and synergies to these cards enable? Let's discuss!

commander clash

Commander Clash S5 Episode 2: M19 Elder Dragon Highlander! (Arcades vs. Chromium vs. Nicol Bolas vs. Vaevictis)

Jul 21 // by Tomer Abramovici

Commander with the Elder Dragons, just like the original version of the format!


Silver-Bordered Cards now Legal in Commander

Dec 01 // by mtggoldfish

Silver-bordered cards legal in Commander until January 15!

budget commander

Budget Commander: Xenagos, God of Revels ($50)

Sep 01 // by Tomer Abramovici

Not Gruul? Then die!


Eldritch Moon Video Set Review: Top 10 Commander Cards

Jul 22 // by SaffronOlive

Seth and Tomer break down the Top 10 Commander cards from Eldritch Moon!

commander clash

Commander Clash 15: Planar Chaos Dragons

Apr 09 // by Tomer Abramovici

The crew builds around the legendary dragon cycle from Planar Chaos!

commander clash

Commander Clash 14: Commander Planeswalkers

Apr 02 // by Tomer Abramovici

The Commander 2014 planeswalkers duke it out for supremacy!


Commander Review: Shadows over Innistrad Part 1 (White, Blue, Black)

Mar 29 // by Tomer Abramovici

Shadows over Innistrad cards with the most potential in Commander!

commander clash

Commander Clash 13: Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, and Zombies

Mar 26 // by Tomer Abramovici

Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, and Zombies; which tribe will emerge victorious?

commander clash

Commander Clash 12: Old School '99

Mar 19 // by Tomer Abramovici

Only cards that were printed up to 1999 are allowed!

budget commander

Budget(ish) Commander: Archangel Avacyn ($80)

Mar 16 // by Tomer Abramovici

New Avacyn is one of the most deep and interesting commanders we've gotten in a while. Finally, we have a Boros Control leader!

commander clash

Commander Clash 6: Mono Color - Shirei, Kemba, Shizuko, Daretti

Feb 05 // by Tomer Abramovici

The crew builds Mono Color decks. Clerics are sacrificed, Cats are over encumbered, Squirrels invade, and Artifacts tap/untap.


Expensive Commander Cards that are Dirt Cheap Online

Jan 20 // by Tomer Abramovici

Big money Commander staples that are only a couple bucks on Magic Online!

commander clash

Commander Clash: Commander 2015

Dec 25 // by SaffronOlive

Seth, Richard, Tomer and Jake compete in a four player Commander game with Commander 2015 decks!

cuddly soft combo

Cuddly Soft Combo #4

Sep 06 // by CMDTower

Kithkin are just as deadly as Goblins and I can prove it!

budget commander

Budget Commander: Selvala, Explorer Returned ($57)

Sep 04 // by Tomer Abramovici

The elfball keeps on rollin' rollin'...


EDH Finance: Rotation and BFZ Spoilers

Sep 01 // by CMDTower

CMDTower brings you his EDH targets from rotation and BFZ spoilers.

cuddly soft combo

Cuddly Soft Combo #3

Aug 23 // by CMDTower

Looking for a way to punish your enemies and pump your own creature? Check this out!

cuddly soft combo

Cuddly Soft Combo #2

Aug 15 // by CMDTower

What is a 6/6, then two 12/12s, then three 18/18s?

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