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Crim Week | Commander Clash S11E25

We've reached the end of season 11 of Commander Clash, and we have a tradition on the series: A new season means a cast change. We like to spend the final episode of the season celebrating the cast member who will be sitting out the next one, which means we're all doing our best Crim impressions this week! As you might have guessed, this means that Tomer will be making his (triumphant?!?) return in season 12 of Commander Clash, and Crim won't be a part of the regular cast (although I'm sure you'll still see him on occasion when we need a fill-in for a week). But we're getting ahead of ourselves. What happens when the entire table builds "fun" Crim decks? That's what we're going to find out today. Here's what we've got: 

Crim's Deck

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Richard's Deck

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Seth's Deck

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Phil's Deck

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What Are You Playing On?

We're playing Commander on a program called Magic Online. If you're interested in Magic Online, then check out Tomer's Commander-focused guide to the program over here!

What's the Banned List?

This season, we are using the official Commander banned list (which you can find here) with no house bans.

Next Week

Coming up next week, we'll have our season 11 wrap-up episode featuring stats and more. Then, after a one-week break, we'll be back with season 12! How often did Phil draw Sol Ring on Turn 1? Should we still be trying to kill Richard first because he wins the most often? Is Seth still addicted to Boros? How many times did Crim play Grixis this season? Come back next Friday to find out, and until then...CLASH ON!

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