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Commander Clash S5 E14: Guilds of Ravnica Part 1! (Aurelia vs. Lazav vs. Niv-Mizzet vs. Trostani)

Welcome back to Commander ClashGuilds of Ravnica has arrived on Magic Online which means it's time to explore the new commanders from the set! Since there's eight new potential commanders from the set, we're showing off all of them in a 2-part series. Here's what we picked for the first round:

  • Richard gambles for a chance for glory, seeking either his final fortune or glorious end with an aggressive Boros deck led by Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice
  • Seth somehow manages fit Panharmonicon (because of course he would) into a Selesnya Tokens deck led by Trostani Discordant
  • Tomer shapeshifts into the perfect creature for any situation, running a non-infinite Voltron version of Lazav, the Multifarious
  • Vincent spins the "Combo or Stax" wheel once more, this time running a dedicated Combo deck led by Niv-Mizzet, Parun

Which guild will come out on top this week? Let's find out! But first, a quick reminder: if you like Commander Clash. and other video content here on MTGGoldfish, make sure to subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Richard's Deck (Aurelia)


Seth's Deck (Trostani)


Tomer's Deck (Lazav)


Vince's Deck (Niv-Mizzet)


Next Week: Guilds of Ravnica Part 2!

We have four more GRN commanders to cover next week! As always, we love hearing from you all: got some ideas for episode themes? Want to see us play a particular commander? Any other comments, questions, criticisms? Feel free to tweet me @BudgetCommander or email me at !

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