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War of the Spark Block Constructed Primer

The final chapter of the War of the Spark Chronicles is here! Here are the prizes awarded for the final chapter...

What Sets Are Legal in Block Constructed?

For this event, there will be three sets available for us to build our decks with. 

Guilds of Ravnica

Ravnica Allegiances

War of the Spark

It'll still be best of one so we don't need to worry about sideboards so that means it's even easier on our wildcard collections!

Here are a few aggressive decklists to start us off!

If you're in the market for a deck that goes absurdly wide and low to the ground I would recommend playing Mono-White aggro. Since it's all about early game, this deck doesn't have the best late game plan so I added a Finale of Glory. Although I know our deck is loaded with cards with white mana symbols, I want to try Mobilized District as it gives us a way to get around Sorcery speed removal. If you end up disliking them or don't have them, you can just play plains in their place!

If you're looking for some beefier threats, I recommend this Gruul list. It might be a little cute but I added the best buddy cop movie with gods known as Ilharg, the Raze-Boar and God-Eternal Rhonas as a way to get some surprise victories but also because gods are very hard to deal with. We lose reach with Shock and Lightning Strike being gone but I also think Chandra's Triumph could be big for us as it allows us to hit planeswalkers and most threats that are in our way.

For control mages out there? I have two different decks.

Up front, I have an Azorius Control deck. This deck is going to win at an extremely slow rate but it should be fun if you're into slowing things down. We also have Emergency Powers to refill our hands and if we have a Narset, that will be our hands only!

Up next is a Dimir Control list that I personally think is the best fit to fight every style of deck. Though we lose out on a Negate effect since we don't have white but we get to try something like Mission Briefing to try to reoccur some counterspells later in the game. We also have very efficient creature removal in black. We should be able to survive the early game quite well as we have a full playset of Tyrant's Scorn and Cry of the Carnarium. Our win cons are much more efficient as we get to have Liliana and Ugin. There's a discussion for a single copy of Kevin aka God-Eternal Kefnet and Clear the Mind if we're trying to reoccur all of our spells.


This format is sweet as it will be a way for all of us on MTG Arena to get ready for our first rotation as we will lose Ixalan Block and Dominaria come Fall. There are probably going to be a ton of other decks glossed over and more optimal builds of certain archetypes so feel free to let me know in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter but this should help us all get our foot in the door as we go through this final chapter of the War of the Spark Chronicles event!

Thanks for checking out the article!


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