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War of the Spark Singleton Primer

To continue our series of primers for all the events coming to MTG Arena in the coming weeks, I'm here to talk about the singleton format! The last time Singleton came around, the prizes weren't as sweet as this time! As prizes we'll get sweet stained glass planeswalker cosmetics (They do not give you the actual card).


Ontop of all this, Arena is testing the London Mulligan during the Singleton event. For those that have not had a chance to try out the London mulligan, you will be able to during this event. What is the London Mulligan? The new mulligan system allows a player to draw 7 cards with each mulligan. For each time you've done a mulligan, you then put that many cards to the bottom of your library at the beginning of the match.

I had the chance to test out this mulligan rule when it came to MTGO and when I competed at Mythic Championship II (London) and I must say this new mulligan rule is something I'm extremely excited for and can't wait for it to get implemented across multiple formats. 

Enough about the mulligan! Here are some decklists for you to take to the queues:

For the Rat Colony Lovers out there, we've got you.

I went ahead and added a few ways to instant speed sac our creatures as getting caught underneath a Deputy of Detention or Ixalan's Binding can be back-breaking. We've also added God-Eternal Bontu in the event we draw too many lands and need to get our rat friends back. Along with that Command the Dreadhorde returns all rats that have been sent to the graveyard for fairly cheap/

Another deck that I think would be fun is to try some kind of Dimir Control deck as playing three colors does give us a lot more power but also gives us a really inconsistent mana base so I'd start off with something simple like this.

I don't think this deck is great but if you were looking to try something along the lines of super friends, I'd look to start something around this

I think it's absurdly difficult to fully play a superfriends deck in singleton only because of the mana but since most of our fixing is green, I started with a green and white base. We're hoping to dodge aggressive decks as we can definitely play the slow game as once we start jamming more planeswalkers, the opponent will run out of answers. That is when we'll take over the game as it does feel great to have a scroll wheel for all your planeswalkers.

What about mages that want a little more aggression?

This deck relies purely on small little critters getting on the ground and turning everything sideways. Fans of low to the ground decks can give this a try. I went a total of 3-1 with this deck in the queues so far. It's been quite fun!

What about for those not a fan of small creatures? This deck will be loaded with a bunch of beefy creatures that also have haste. Ontop of that, we have two gods and in a singleton format, it's already hard enough finding consistent answers and it gets much worse if you're taxing your opponent by constantly playing gods.


The singleton meta is all over the place right now and I luckily haven't run into too many Persistent Petitioners decks! The meta is pretty wild and diverse. I've seen some Rakdos decks pop up here and there so don't be surprised if you see those pop up on your radar. These decklists are rough and a few of them are just for the love of certain archetypes. Let me know in the comments or reach out to me if you've had success with any sweet decks!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all out in the arena and good luck on grabbing those stained glass planeswalkers

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