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The Adventures of Scoops: The Legend Continues

It's time once again to catch up with the Greatest Fish in the Multiverse. What has our little fish friend been up to since his last adventure?

Fried Fish

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. Scoops is on fire! Yes, literally. Out of the frying pan and into the fire!? Maybe it was a bad idea to help out our dear friend Young Peezy after all. What is a fish doing in a sea of flames anyway?

Scoops Series 3 Elemental Token

Making it Rain

It's time to return to the actual seas where fish belong and set sail for new adventures. It's time to raid and plunder aboard the great pirate ship Big Tuna! Rrrrr Captain Scoops, 'X' marks the spot. Turns out fish can swim in gold too!

Scoops Series 3 Treasure Token

Fishballs on the Menu

With ample coin in our pockets, it's time to move on. What better destination for a planewalking fish than Dominaria, where it all began. We land in the lush forests of the Llanowar. Grab your bows, generate some green mana, and join the Elvish army! If the fish on Ixalan can get a little green, there's no reason why the Greatest Fish in the Multiverse can't either. Elfball? Please. Fishballs is where it's at.

Scoops Series 3 Elf Token

Sengir Elder

Sengir Vampire, Baron Sengir, Kazarov, Sengir Pureblood, all notorious Vampires in their own right, but did you hear about the greatest vampire of them all, Sengir Scoops? Poof. Transform into a Vampire Bat Fish (!?) and disappear into the night sky. Drats! Just when we caught up with our fish friend, he disappears again!

Scoops Series 3 Vampire Token


No matter where Scoops goes, he can never escape the reaches of Seth, proooobably better known as SaffronOlive. It's hard to escape clutches of a Jank Wizard wielding the power of Blood Moon and Panharmonicon on his side. Once again, Scoops is branded with Seth's pen!

Scoops Series 3 SaffronOlive Signed Collection

Series 3 Merchandise

Scoops Series 3 merchandise is now available at! Grab a set of tokens, signed tokens, or some playmats and show your support for MTGGoldfish during your next match, whether it be on the kitchen tables or at the next Grand Prix!

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