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The Adventures of Scoops: House of Horrors (Official Merchandise)

It's been a while since we've seen Scoops, the Greatest Fish in the Multiverse. Where has he been, and what has he been up to? Let's investigate ...

It's Elementary, My Dear

We join Scoops holed up in his study, solving the latest murder-mystery: Who killed everyone's favorite feline friend, Felidar Guardian? Let's investigate. Pay 2, draw a card. Egads! The answer has been on top of our deck the entire time: the Legendary Artifact, Banhammer!

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Tokens: Clue

Spooky Scoops

With the mysteries solved, it's time to get out of the haunted house. Ack~. What's that? There's something lingering in these halls. The ghosts of Scoops' past! Grab your Spooky Boots and make a run for it.

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Tokens: Spirit

Tribute to the Moon

Outside the mansion, we find our trusty Wolf companion. On loan from the legendary hero of the Great White North, Huntmaster of the Fells, our trusty mount takes us away into the night. Ahoooo~.

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Tokens: Wolf


Safe and sound, it's time to answer life's greatest question: Who's the greatest Dragon in the multiverse? Nicol Bolas? Wrong. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon? Wrong. What's this?! It's Scoops in a dragon suit. I repeat, Scoops in a dragon suit.

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Tokens: Dragon

Jank Extraordinaire

Of course, no adventure with Scoops is complete without a visit to the King of Jank himself, SaffronOlive!

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Tokens: SaffronOlive Signed Set

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Tokens

Official MTGGoldfish Series 2 Tokens are now available in the merchandise store ( Grab one or grab a playset to share with your friends.

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Tokens

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Playmats

We also have Series 2 Playmats available for $19.99. Thank you for supporting the site and may Scoops bring you many victories in your battles!

MTGGoldfish Series 2 Playmats


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