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Single Scoop: Witherbloom Elves (Standard, Magic Arena)

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I do love me some tribal decks and one of the more interesting tribes with the new standard was actually elves! The tribe had a few moving parts but nothing to really make it feel like the classic elves deck. This all changes with #MTGAFR as we got a ton of sweet new tools

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Circle of Dreams Druid is a Gaea's Cradle attached to an elf body. Though it will often die, untapping with this card is going to end poorly for our opponents as elves have a few mana sinks in the format already. To name a few, Elvish Warmaster, The Tarrasque, and Lair of the Hydra. Any of these cards that we'll be sinking our mana into will end games out for us. The Tarrasque is super sweet as Haste and Ward 10 is extremely hard to deal with. Lair of the Hydra and most of the creature lands are going to be big players in the format. This green land is a sweet inclusion for the deck as we can make use of our mana by dumping it into a huge hydra.  I foresee more people playing Field of Ruin in the coming weeks so just be ready for that!

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Although we don't have a Craterhoof Behemoth, we do have You Meet in a Tavern which is versatile in it's ability to refill our hand with more threats after a sweeper or it can be an overrun effect for your team of little elves. This card will probably win us more games than we'd like to give it credit for. It is Sorcery so there aren't any surprise tricks but an elf deck is going to force your opponents to have an answer or its over.


The deck got a huge boost in power with the few new cards it picked up. However, it's still very much so a glass cannon style of deck. Because of this, I feel like elves are much more possible in best of one as the format leans toward the aggressive side. In best of three, I assume the deck isn't going to focus as much on going super wide but more so in ramping into a big midrange gameplan like Vivien, Monsters' Advocate and Elder Gargaroth. If you're an elf lover, you'll definitely have fun with the deck regardless of viability though! 

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