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Single Scoop: Undead Company! (Historic, Magic Arena)

How many decks can we just throw Collected Company to make it slightly better? Well, that's what I'm here to try to figure out!

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You've seen zombies get piloted to numerous finishes during its standard life. At that point, you had some solid cards like Liliana's Mastery and a few other noncreature spells, but AKR brought a surprise card in Collected Company. With CoCo in the deck, I believe 28-30 creatures is the correct number of creatures to make our CoCos hit consistently. Due to this, I had to shave Mastery. Though Mastery is a sweet card as it is two bodies with an anthem attached to it, but for one mana less, we could get two bodies at instant speed without the anthem and that was okay. The fact that CoCo exists allows us to do some sweet surprise combat tricks with Death Baron and Rotting Regisaur!

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AKR brought a new staple to historic in Thoughtseize.  Because of Thoughtseize, we can disrupt our opponent's turns and hopefully pick sweepers or key parts of a deck. Outside of that, we got a sweet zombie lord in Lord of the Accursed. Though it does not give deathtouch, it is a 2/3 which means it can dodge a Shock effect while also being able to give menace which should help with combat to close the game. 


After playing with the deck, I feel it is still lacking in power but Collected Company is definitely a sweet card. Zombies can still use a Diregraf Colossus and probably doesn't need a ton of Gempalm Polluters since Field of the Dead got banned! This means we have a real shot of being the best zombie deck by default now! Of the tribes in Historic, I do feel like CoCo with Zombies was sweet due to the deathtouch tricks and is probably better than something like Merfolk. Changes I'd like to add to this deck is a way to deal with Azorius Auras as we just can't keep up with Auras once they attach a lifelink aura. We also need to find ways to get around a Muxus from goblins. Currently, the only answer I can think of for goblins is Witch's Vengeance as a way to deal with our opponent's threats without hurting ours. Grafdigger's Cage would be great but it also hurts us.

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For now, I think we're gonna retire the "Jam CoCo into every deck" until I can come up with CoCo control but I appreciate you all enjoying the content in any capacity!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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