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Single Scoop: Garruk & Company (Historic)

Thanks to Amonkhet Remastered, Garruk is now in good Company so we decided to build a Garruk themed Stompy deck!

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As you guessed it, we're going to be jamming tons of Garruk themed cards like Garruk, Unleashed, Garruk's Harbinger, and Garruk's Uprising. Thanks to Collected Company, creature decks have a chance to get back into the game after a few sweepers. More importantly, Stompy decks needed ways to get back into the game. If we're playing stompy, almost all of our creatures will be 4 power or greater and they're all pretty cheap when it comes to cost. This means we're shaving cards like Questing Beast, but when we have so many 4+ power creatures, CoCo feels worth it in Historic. This also means we're going to be drawing so many cards off Garruk's Uprising which has been a thing stompy needed. Sometimes The Great Henge might be a little too difficult to get on board. Of course, Henge is amazing but I figured I'd try something that is consistently 3 mana and still draws us cards.

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Garruk's Harbinger benefits from so much black-based removal right now with Maelstrom Pulse, Heartless Act, and so forth so it seems great in historic and the best part is that it grabs a Garruk from the top of our library. With Garruk and Vivien, this card will get trample which is huge. 

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The deck felt extremely powerful as we're able to out grind the majority of creature-based decks. Red deck is extremely powerful with AKH hitting Arena and when we're just dropping big bodies every turn, eventually they'll gas out so this deck feels perfect for best of one. There's a discussion to play a few ways to interact like Ram Through or maybe a Shadowspear to keep our life total out of reach for Red. So far, the splash for black is to get Rotting Regisaur and with how big of a body the card is, it feels like a free splash despite having us some triple green spells. If the deck were to move to best of three, it'd look something like this 

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As always, thank you for watching and reading!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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