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Single Scoop: Slitherwisp is Playable in Explorer!?

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For those that love their Flash/Tempo style decks, this is another way to play Esper/Obscura! Often seen as the control colors, New Capenna and others have given WUB the ability to shift gears quickly on people. They've also given us a ton of Flash cards including The Wandering Emperor and Obscura Interceptor! Because of this, it got me looking at Cunning Nightbonder and Slitherwisp again!

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These cards didn't get much love during Ikoria's time in standard but it might be time now! Cunning Nightbonder almost works as a lord effect for our deck! This means a turn 3 Interceptor or Wandering Emperor! This also means Ashiok's Erasure to get rid of some of our opponent's best spells long enough for us to close out a game. Obviously these two creatures aren't that strong by themselves but when you've got a charming addition in Obscura Charm, returning these cards back to the board won't be hard!

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00


The flash deck feels amazing to play. It does have some pretty big weak spots against Red Deck Wins and anything that goes too wide. However, if we're able to get on the ground and counter/kill a few things, it's hard to lose as we'll have all sorts of tricks up our sleeves. The deck can only get better in Bo3 as we'll probably have sweepers and so forth for games 2 and 3 against aggressive decks. A card I failed to include as I forgot about it would be Omen of the Sea. That card would be pretty good in this list, and I just need to figure out what to cut. 

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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