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Single Scoop: Shigeki Hates Lands (Historic)

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Blowing up lands is great but what if we got to cast all of those spells again?

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Shigeki, Jukai Visionary definitely wants to help us live all of our dreams. First off, our deck sometimes runs out of ways to blow up lands in the late game and Shigeki has a sweet channel ability that can help us return our non legendary cards like Stone Rain, Creeping Mold, and Goblin Ruinblaster. We've got a ton of non legendary things that Shigeki is the perfect draw for when we're flooded and need to dump our mana into something. On top of that, it's a two-mana 1/3 so if need be, it can be an early drop to protect our face while potentially ramping us into more lands. What if we mill our sweet spells? Well, that's where Invoke Calamity can buy some of those spells back. Calamity is a bit spicy with the quad red cost, but if we're able to cast it, we'll be able to ignore the casting cost of some of our cards. Instant speed Stone Rain is exactly what dreams are made of. 

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I'm a huge fan of Shigeki for this style of deck as it gives us the ability to go into the late game and buy cards back. It might even be worth it to go up to three copies of Shigeki. Invoke Calamity can be hard to cast at times but does add some sweet combat tricks at instant speed. I think Invoke Calamity is a card I would play in low quantities as it is clunky so no need to exceed two copies. 

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