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Single Scoop: Neo Robots (Historic, Magic Arena)

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Affinity in historic has needed some kind of Springleaf Drum effect and thanks to MTGNEO, we've found one in Moonsnare Prototype.

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The card allows us to turbo out some sweet turn two plays. Anytime we can cast more spells is always going to be a good time as that helps grow our Patchwork Automaton! The card is a sweet new two-drop that can get out of hand pretty quickly if not dealt with. On top of that, the ward on the card delays our opponents from removing it. This will be pretty major as we want to expedite the process of getting either Myr Enforcer or Thought Monitor to pop off with Neoform. Neoform will sacrifice either of our seven drops so we can jam some Craterhoof Behemoth non-sense hehe. 


The deck is extremely fragile but can surprise people out of nowhere so it's best in a best-of-one format. However, if you're looking for something with more staying power, the Azorius version of this deck can definitely do some work but will trade off the explosive Hoof turn.  Whichever version of the deck you choose to pilot, Memnite and Cranial Plating should be added to Arena as robots could use a little more power to break into tier 1.

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