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Single Scoop: Mended Reanimator (Historic, Magic Arena)

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Consider is the perfect cantrip that allows us to throw a card into the graveyard for a single mana. The new looting effect is precisely what we want in a reanimator style deck. Historic has Faithless Looting but now we can loot in a non red deck which allows us to play an Esper Control/Reanimator shell. The fact that this card is instant speed is what you love to see as we can loot or hold up mana to interact with our opponents. We don't have a Jace, Vryn's Prodigy in historic but Esper is getting better looting effects and Mending is definitely one of them!

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These three will be our main reanimation targets. We've got a surplus of ways to bring them back through Priest of Fell Rites and Unburial Rites. Almost all of these threats can run away with a game. Of course, Serra's Emissary is the new hotness as it can just entirely cut off a deck like Goblins if brought back early. 

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While we wait to set up for the big reanimation turn, we still need to control the game and Bone Shards is an amazing spell. It's cheap and hits a creature or planeswalker which is exactly what we need. On top of that, the additional cost of discarding a card is almost never a downside. We still pack a few counterspells because Archmage's Charm is just an amazing magic card and worth the risk of it's triple blue cost. 


The deck has been taking off in Modern and I could see it's Historic counterpart catching up with a few more releases. Right now, I think this deck is genuinely good for best of one with some tuning for the meta. Some decks just flat out can't beat an Elesh Norn or Emissary on the early turns. The deck does have it's awkward moments where you draw too much of the reanimator side and not enough of the control side but I think all of this can be changed with some slight modifications. Regardless, I'm happy as any kind of Solar Flare action in historic is always welcomed.

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