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Single Scoop: Jeskai Control (Historic, Magic Arena)

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Strixhaven has brought some powerful cards for us to finally splash red!

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With all of this burn, we can be a little more aggressive for a control deck. We'll still prioritize using these cards to pick off tons of creatures but in a slower matchup, Jeskai Control can definitely burn out opponents. The wonderful thing about all these burn spells is that they're instant which has synergies with Torrential Gearhulk

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Casting Gearhulk and casting something like Magma Opus for six mana is quite the shift in momentum as we'll get a 4/4, 5/6, deal four damage, tap two permanents, and draw two cards. Resolving this situation is such a blowout for the opposing player and is an absolute blast doing. The best thing about Jeskai Control is its ability to shift gears and become the more aggressive deck with the it's burn! 


The deck seems to perform quite well in best of one as we're able to stop aggro decks quite well with all of our removal. The life gain from Lightning Helix is huge in a majority of matchups. I think the only issue I've got with the deck is how clunky it can feel at times when you draw a ton of gearhulks and big mana spells, but the pay off is worth it. I think an upgrade I'd like to make in Bo1 is a more efficient way to deal with the graveyard. Keep in mind that we also use the graveyard ourselves. This might mean we need to pack more Soul-Guide Lantern in the main deck to stop all of the shenanigans from Rakdos Pyro and decks alike. Other than the graveyard hate, I think the deck could tweak a few numbers but for the most part, felt right. Let me know what Bo1 changes you'd make for the deck!

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