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Single Scoop: Jeskai Control 2021 (Post-Rotation Standard)

If you've been playing MTG: Arena at all, you'll probably have taken part of the Ranked Standard 2021 queues. This queue is a fun queue for those looking to get their post rotation standard fun in. This means all the sets from Guilds of Ravnica to Core 2020 will no longer be legal so goodbye Nissa, Who Shakes the World!! Naturally, I'd take a swing at the meta in Standard 2021 and up first is a sweet Jeskai (or Raugrin) Control list!

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This is the classic control game plan of counterspells and removal while winning on the back of a few planeswalkers. With cards like Hydroid Krasis rotating out, we can actually play a relatively fair gameplan without getting obliterated from Simic's card advantage. With that in mind, we built our deck to beat all of the Green Stompy decks and Mutate. With powerful sweepers like Shatter the Sky and Realm-Cloaked Giant, we can keep sweeping the board of any crazy beefed up stacks from a Mutate deck. We also packed Scorching Dragonfire to hopefully catch an Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath on its way down the first time. 

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A card I have to assume will be a powerhouse post rotation is Elspeth Conquers Death as this card is just a solid and versatile answer to numerous things including Uro. Another card I think will be a lot of fun to play with post rotation is Teferi, Master of Time, The card allows us to filter our worst draws while potentially allowing us to cheat out an early Ugin, the Spirit Dragon when combined with the third chapter of Elspeth Conquers Death

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In the Standard 2021 queue, there are a ton of adventure decks as they didn't lose much outside of shocklands. These decks have to be our worst matchup as we really can't outvalue them. Because of this, we're hoping to dodge them or hit their Lucky Clovers with our Intervention. 

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Another card I'm playing in the main deck is Giant Killer as I see a ton of Stompy decks and Mutate decks. Those decks are just loaded with threats that dodge Scorching Dragonfire so it's nice to have a clean answer that can potentially become a 1/2 later to tap down other problematic threats like a hasting Questing Beast or Stonecoil Serpent. Outside of that, our win conditions are quite simple and diverse. 

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After playing through the ranked queues a ton, I would say we got lucky that we were able to go 4-1 when there are a ton of Adventure decks running around. I do like how we built our deck to beat the Stompy and Mutate decks but we do need more ways to answer Lucky Clover. Hopefully Rise of Zendikar brings us much needed answers. It's not entirely sure that Jeskai is the way to go about it when it comes to control but it's always a nice place to start when we've got a Triome. For right now, I'm only playing standard through these 2021 queues and its a blast! The games are quick for the most part and more importantly, we get to expedite that much-needed rotation! 

As always, thank you for watching and reading!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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