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Single Scoop: Approaching a New Perspective (Historic)

Thanks to AKR, we now have a decent amount of support for cycling in Historic. For those that remembered MTG:Arena during its early beta, I tried to have some fun with a New Perspectives + Approach of the Second Sun and now we can try again!

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To start off, the deck is definitely trying to ramp as our main combo piece is New Perspectives. The card is a bit high when it comes to mana cost so thankfully, these three ramp spells will help us out in the early game and they even draw us a few cards on the way! 

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Once New Perspectives resolves, it becomes goldfishing time(not a shameless plug, I swear). For the combo players, this is where your adrenaline gets pumping as we will now cycle through our entire deck as long as we have seven or more cards in hand. We're looking to cycle to either one of our two win conditions. 

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Of course, Thassa's Oracle will always be the easiest win condition as it's the least mana hungry piece and our deck can easily get to the bottom of the library. When casting this card, just be careful that it resolves or that you can still win even if the opponent removes it. I'll often go to zero cards in library just to make sure. The other win condition is Approach of the Second Sun which is a lot more mana but with how much ramp we have, we can quickly get to 7 and the life gain could be all we need to survive one turn until we go off. Once we have New Perspectives, we can cycle our way to the seventh card and cast it again with all the mana we get from Vizier of Tumbling Sands.

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Thanks to New Perspectives, Lotus Field and Vizier of Tumbling Sands, we can net a ton of mana and spin through our deck much faster as the Vizier will be able to untap the Lotus Field. Once we've cycled through a ton of cards and run out of bullets, we start the fun train all over again!

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Shadow of the Grave will allow us to buy all of the cycled cards back to have the cycle party all over again! Hopefully our opponents don't have a Scavenging Ooze or some crazy graveyard hate as that will hinder our buy back but it's definitely possible to still win. 


The deck is extremely greedy and more for the players that love their combos but it's fun once you pull it off as the old timeout system made it almost impossible to play this deck without playing speed magic. It feels good to play through this deck and not be rushed as I used to misclick all the time. As you saw, the deck has a really hard time with hyper aggro strategies so you're really hoping to dodge those decks or hope that they've got a slower hand. However, the worst matchup for the deck is Mono blue so I'll often instaconcede against Mono Blue as we're never resolving our New Perspectives. I've also made an updated list for Best of Three that will include Leyline of Sanctity in the main deck, as Thoughtseize and other hand disruption spells will cause the deck to fold quite easily. 

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As always, thank you for watching and reading!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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