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Single Scoop: Is There A Better Card In Standard Than Circle of Loyalty?

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So early during Eldraine's release, SaffronOlive and I had The Circle of Loyalty high up on our best in standard lists....

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Naturally, we shall reveal to the world of standard the true power of The Circle of Loyalty!!! To be honest with you, the card is a bit clunky as it requires us to have a big board to go off, but I'm determined to play a deck with it in it! With that in mind, I went ahead and made a Lorehold Knights deck with a pretty stock build. The list is definitely built for a best of one meta as I'm pretty sure our chances of picking up games two and three are slim.

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Worthy Knight will be essential as it allows us to flood the board quickly. On top of that, we have a lord effect in Inspiring Veteran to grow that army. A big weakness in this deck is we don't have a ton of big creatures so we get hard blocked by Lovestruck Beast. We're just hoping we go wide enough to where that card won't matter. The anthem effects from Inspiring Veteran and Circle should get us to a moderately sized board. On top of that, we'll have Blade Historian to help us win in combat with double strike! All these abilities combined will hopefully help us deal with the fact that our creatures are tiny.

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Our form of removal will come in Rip Apart which is cheap and efficient. It also deals with enchantments and artifacts. The card has proven to be pretty sweet in standard as the versatility has really helped in best of one. 


The deck isn't by any means tier 1 and isn't meant to do anything other than try to force The Circle of Loyalty which often times means you're already ahead on board. Also, Circle doesn't auto-win any games like an Embercleave. So to answer our question, yes, there are tons of cards better than The Circle of Loyalty in standard. But what The Circle lacks in power and efficiency, it makes up for meme value!

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