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Single Scoop: Historic Cheerios (Historic)

This week we're going to show you what single-player mode Magic looks like. This is a list by Greg Orange (@orange_greg) aka Pro Tour 25 champion! The deck plays like a "cheerios" deck but instead of using a card like Sram, Senior Edificer, we're using Song of Creation!

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This deck is a combo deck that relies on Song of Creation. I usually mulligan aggressively as landing this on turn 4 and maybe turn 3 could be lights out for the opponents. With this on board, we are looking to fire off a ton of our free spells

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You're looking to just go through your whole deck after chaining enough of our free spells to close out the game with a Thassa's Oracle. The deck is extremely fragile as it does rely on resolving a Song of Creation so matchups like Mono blue and anything with hand disruption can be worrisome. Though it's not always needed to win, Emry, Lurker of the Loch and Mox Amber are another key part of the deck

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You don't necessarily need Emry to cast an artifact from the graveyard but it certainly doesn't hurt to keep her around. You mostly need her so she can produce blue mana off of Mox Amber. This way, you can chain off Mox Ambers and have the additional mana needed to cast a Thassa's Oracle after cycling through your deck! 


The deck went 5-2 but as you saw, a deck with hand disruption really dampers our gameplan. The deck is a lot of fun in best of one but I tried to turn this into a best of three deck and often got rolled once people knew what we were up to so I'll leave that task to all of you out there who are willing to crack the code! I originally wanted to see if there were a few other cards I could add to the deck to help us consistently find Song of Creation but you really want to have as many free spells as possible. It was fun to play a Cheerios style deck so if you're looking for a combo deck that is pretty fun, try this deck out.

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