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Single Scoop: DiMill (Historic)

Is it too wild to assume that at some point, we all wanted to be that Mill player? When Bruvac the Grandiloquent was revealed, the crowd roared and dusted off their inner mill player and got to brewing. Here's the list I came up with to satisfy my inner mill player...

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What better way to mill somebody out than controlling them while you're doing it? Since we're a hybrid deck, we won't be as all-in with Mill, but a core part of our deck will still be dedicated to mill.  It's just nice to know that we don't auto-lose to an aggro deck by playing sweepers and removal like Extinction Event and Tyrant's Scorn. Yes, this is shaping up to be a typical Crim Dimir deck but what if we got to have it all? 

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Not only can we control the board but we can also get aggressive while furthering our Mill gameplan. Thieves' Guild Enforcer stacks with every other copy and is a flash threat that eventually gains +2/+1 and deathtouch. It's kind of our own Historic Delver of Secrets. Because we want more Rogues, naturally we had to add Brazen Borrower as it doubles as a spell and a threat with evasion which will go a long way for us. Speaking of threats with evasion, we also get Vantress Gargoyle which is a big body that also furthers our Mill plan until it goes online and starts smacking for five damage. 

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After looking at all of those ways we can Mill, now throw in Bruvac the Grandiloquent which is a solid body at 1/4. This means he can take a beating while also doubling every mill spell we have. This is huge when so many things in our deck do just that. Didn't Say Please and Enter the God-Eternals are just some to mention. Not only that, we have a powerful enchantment in Teferi's Tutelage, which helps expedite our mill plan even though we don't run as many draw spells as you would think. This is still a rough list but I think we could add a few copies of Opt and a singleton copy of Into the Story as more ways to refill our hand.

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With how fast we'll be filling up our opponent's graveyard, Drown in the Loch felt like an easy include as this will often just be a Counterspell for most things in Historic while being a kill spell. 


I'm sure when browsing through the list, you're wondering "where is Ashiok, Dream Render?" and to answer that, Ashiok doesn't work with a ton of our cards that are dependent on the opponent having a graveyard. I currently view the upsides of having aggressive threats like Vantress Gargoyle and disruption like Drown in the Loch more valuable than the three mana planeswalker that doesn't do anything to the board. I do feel that the deck does need more ways to draw and filter its way through the deck as playing the "one for one" gameplan does get hard when you've run out of cards. Some inclusions would be cards previously mentioned like Into the Story and even Erebos's Intervention as it can allow us to hate out the opponent's graveyard while also helping us sustain against aggro! Otherwise, I think the deck was a lot of fun. Not sure how tier it can be in Best of three but I think you can definitely win games as seen in the video. I think the Mill/Control gameplan is getting that much closer to viable as Bruvac the Grandiloquent helps us close out games significantly faster when it comes to Milling.

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Thanks for watching and make sure to tune into my stream as I will be working on a ton of historic lists and am always looking for input!

If you ever have a deck you want to be made into a video feel free to leave a like, comment, Email, and subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel 

-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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