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Single Scoop: Bloodsuck'n Ghouls (Historic, Magic Arena)

Not too long ago, Vampires were dominating standard and were one of the more aggressive tribes. Thanks to Core 2021, we now have a Zombie Vampire in Silversmote Ghoul! Maybe this means vampires won't stay dead for too long?

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Vampires from Ixalan usually had some way to gain life and now Vampires have their own Prized Amalgam! It is just a 3/1 but can sacrifice itself to draw a card in the face of a boardwipe. The biggest appeal to this card is how nicely it plays with Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord as we can use Sorin's second +1 ability to send three damage to their face by sacrificing the ghoul and then it returns itself at your end step. 

Another card we've added from Core2021 is Liliana, Waker of the Dead

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Outside of a Champion of Dusk, oftentimes we dump our hands so I figured why not force our opponents to discard cards to have their handsize match ours? It's nice knowing we can attack our opponents' hands while also attacking with our vampiric assault force. She does come in at four mana but for that price, she can also help us out by being a form of removal. The ultimate is obviously great but we're trying to close out the game before then. 


In a best of one format, you're usually rewarded for playing a more proactive gameplan and Vampires definitely proved that as Adanto Vanguard is still a hard threat to remove but Silversmote Ghoul constantly coming back was a lot of fun! We dodged all the Goblin Chainwhirlers as we sort of get embarrassed by that card if we don't have a Legion Lieutenant out. However, Jumpstart should be arriving soon. Vampires, along with a ton of other tribes, will get new toys! Here are the vampires I'm excited to try once Jumpstart is available ...

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Thanks for watching and stay spooky world!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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