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Our "Friend" Builds Our Decks | Commander Clash S11E11

This week, we've got a really unique theme. After Tomer was fired, the rest of the crew was cleaning out his stuff and stumbled upon some decklists with our names on them hidden amongst the piles of abacuses and Kaldra pieces. Since we weren't sure what else to do with them, we figured the best option was to play them on an episode of Commander Clash. What did Tomer build for each of us? 

  • Crim winds up with his favorite style of deck: a thieving version of Grixis led by Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge.
  • Richard's deck combines two of his favorite things: Dowsing Dagger and jank tribal, with Dagger tribal led by the potentially unblockable Dagger-flipper Krydle of Baldur's Gate.
  • Seth gets to play his newfound favorite color combination—Boros—but rather than being aggressive, his deck looks to durdle around with Bell Borca, Spectral Sergeant.
  • Philipp has had some issues recently with getting off to fast starts, turning into the archenemy, and then dying. Tomer's deck looks to keep him alive by goading the board with Kardur, Doomscourge.

Crim's Deck

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Richard's Deck

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Seth's Deck

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Phil's Deck

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What Are You Playing On?

We're playing Commander on a program called Magic Online. If you're interested in Magic Online, then check out Tomer's Commander-focused guide to the program over here!

What's the Banned List?

This season, we are using the official Commander banned list (which you can find here) with no house bans.

Next Week

Next week's episode comes out on Halloween weekend, which means it's time for our annual Halloween special! What spooky brews will the crew build? Come back next Friday to find out. Until then...CLASH ON!

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