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Ready to Brawl Updates

A few months ago, right after Throne of Eldraine was released and when Brawl first came to Magic Arena, we published a guest article series from Jess Williams featuring a ton of Brawl decks for all colors and styles. Over the past few months, Brawl has continued to grow on Magic Arena, and Jess decided that some updates were in order. Almost every one of the more than 50 decks from the Ready to Brawl series have at least some new additions, so if you're looking for the latest tech and cool new Theros: Beyond Death additions to some of the sweetest Brawl decks on Magic Arena (or if you missed the series the first time around), make sure to give the now-updated article series a look!

If you have any questions about the decks or updates, you can reach Jess Williams (otherwise known as Erengard) @Erengard_PG on Twitter.

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