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Playing Pauper: Zubera Storm

Playing Pauper time! This week we are killing two Zubera with one stone: fulfilling the request for Pauper Against the Odds while also playing one of our sweet Fishbowl Thursday Instant Deck Tech decks! What deck meets both of these requirements? Zubera Storm of course! While Zubera are a somewhat known (although very fringe) tribe in Pauper, today's deck is a bit different. Rather than grinding out value by playing a ton of different Zuebra we're trying to win the game by playing just two Zubera over and over again with the help of reanimation spells like Unearth and ways to return the Zubera to the battlefield when they die like Supernatural Stamina. Throw in a sacrifice outlet and you've got a deck that is doing it's best imitation of the banned-in-Pauper Storm, but with Zuebera taking the place of Grapeshot as the primary win condition! Can this crazy deck actually compete in Pauper? Let's get to the video and find out!

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*Note: We played one Mountain in the videos, but you probably shouldn't play a Mountain, it cause way more problems than it solved. The list above is the original, non-Mountain list.*

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