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Playing Pauper: Mono-White Heroic

Playing Pauper's back! This week, we're playing a deck that has taken Pauper by storm over the past couple of months: Mono-White Heroic. The main plan of the deck is pretty simple: we play some one- and two-mana threats with heroic or prowess and then cast a bunch of cheap spells to pump our creatures and get in huge chunks of damage, hopefully closing out the game before our opponent gets a chance to recover. While the deck plays a lot of cards that look janky, hopefully this is one of the decks where the synergy between the janky-looking cards makes the entire package more powerful than the sum of its parts. Just how good is Mono-White Heroic in Pauper? Let's get to the videos and find out!

One quick warning: I included the Instant Deck Tech for Mono-White Heroic in the article, but it's worth mentioning that the list has changed a bit since we did the deck tech (right after Mono-White Heroic became a deck). There's also a short deck tech in the Playing Pauper video itself, but keep an eye out for the differences. It's interesting to see how Mono-White Heroic has evolved over the past couple of months since becoming a tier deck in Pauper.

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Playing Pauper: Mono-White Heroic (Instant Deck Tech)

Playing Pauper: Mono-White Heroic

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