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Playing Pauper: Sultai Land Destruction

Playing Pauper's back! If you've followed the site and channel for a while, you'll know that we used to have a regular Pauper series before Jake retired from Magic content. Now, with Pauper being one of the hot topics in the community, the time felt right to bring it back! So today, we're jumping into a Pauper league to play a deck we featured in an Instant Deck Tech way back in September: Sultai Land Destruction. The basic idea of the deck is simple: we ramp a bit and blow up as many of our opponent's lands as possible before eventually closing things out with Mulldrifter or Dinrova Horror. Can land destruction work in Pauper? Let's find out!

Two quick things before we get to the videos. First, I play Pauper much less than other formats, so bear in mind that we're sort of learning as we go, to some extent, especially when it comes to things like matchups and sideboard cards. Second, I'm not sure what's best for the article part of the series, so if you have some ideas for what you'd like to see, make sure to let me know in the comments. Right now, I'm shooting for an episode every other week, although it's possible that it will be more like once a month during busy times. Anyway, with this stuff out of the way, let's get to the videos!

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Playing Pauper: Sultai Land Destruction (Instant Deck Tech)

Playing Pauper: Sultai Land Destruction

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