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Historic 101: Rakdos Gobbos

Although goblins won't get an insane boost in power until Jumpstart, I still had to see how goblins played with Conspicuous Snoop in Historic so here's the list I threw together!

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The goblin deck plays a lot like a low to the ground goblin deck but with cards like Goblin Ringleader and even Goblin Matron, we're able to push into the late game and play that grindy battle unlike most aggro decks who can just run out of steam. To further enable this plan, Core 2021 brought us a new goblin powerhouse that has insane combo potential the farther we go back in formats... that's right! Its Conspicuous Snoop aka Snoopy!

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This card will serve as a cheap Experimental Frenzy that will still allow us to play with the cards in our hand. This card is sweet in the early game but it's even better late game when we've got a ton of lands and with mana to spend. 

Why are we playing black?

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By adding black, we can resurrect a ton of cheap goblins or we can bring back Goblin Chainwhirler and by giving it deathtouch,  we've now given ourselves a cheap Plague Wind. If we aren't able to get a Goblin Chainwhirler, we can still bring back a Fanatical Firebrand to still kill one problematic threat because the deathtouch also works there! 


The deck can't wait to see Goblin Chieftain but the deck is still a lot of fun and definitely has staying power. In the current meta, it can be aggressive enough to take down the slower and greedier decks while also being able to hold it's own with a Gruul deck. The issue I've currently got is the deck's lack of graveyard hate. I mostly threw Fry in there to keep Mono blue off balance but I think our deck will naturally be good at that so no need to bring in more cards than that. I do wonder if it's worth running a few copies of Heartless Act or Noxious Grasp out of the sideboard so we can take down Questing Beast and Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath a little bit easier. At the very least. we can run cards like Lava Coil if we're not trying to up the amount of black sources we have in our mana base. I'd also like to add some copies of Soul-Guide Lantern just to keep graveyards in check. Here's what an updated list would look like

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As always, thanks for watching.

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