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Historic 101: Ponza

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We're here to go pew pew at our opponent's lands and thanks to Mystical Archives, we can!

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With the addition of Stone Rain and Primal Command, we're ready to blow up lands as early as turn two. We're hoping to open up with a Llanowar Elves to fire off a turn two Stone Rain so our opponents can stumble for the rest of the game. While they're stumbling we're hoping to keep our foot on the gas by either blowing up more lands with Goblin Ruinblaster into a Primal Command! We should be able to keep the momentum going as we have another mystical archive in Abundant Harvest

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

While our opponents are stuck on mana, we just cruise to victory with cards like Questing Beast, Glorybringer, and whatever else our deck is willing to give us. As the deck really is just a Gruul Midrange deck. 


The deck usually loses a ton when I pilot it in Modern but in Historic, I'm able to find success with the deck! Scavenging Ooze is an amazing magic card with all of these Rogues running around. The deck can get clunky at parts and there's definitely a bad half of the deck as the Land Destruction feels really bad to draw late game when everyone has a ton of lands. Orzhov Auras feels like an awful match-up as our removal isn't hard removal like a Fatal Push but it feels like the deck can play the mid to late game but really struggles with any kind of hyper aggression. With Tainted Pact combo getting popular, we'll need to figure out how to speed the deck up as we don't have many ways to disrupt the combo. Otherwise, the deck was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it for those who are looking for a Gruul deck that isn't all about aggression!

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