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Historic 101: Selesnya Hatebears

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With more Hatebears support getting into the format, I had to try my take on the archetype. 

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So the first thing I wanted to play with was Mana Tithe as the card is such a funny meme but it might actually work in a deck that has Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Strixhaven also brings us the Worlds champ in Elite Spellbinder. This card just keeps making it into every decklist I play that has white. The card is such a sweet tempo play and has the ability to lock opponents out of key spells when combined with Drannith Magistrate

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Before anybody asks me about why Sword of Body and Mind is in my deck, I'm just going to let you know it's a bad card. I put it in there because ......"why not?" as I asked myself on stream. In all seriousness, the card doesn't have many applications outside of maybe dunking on a few random Simic decks. I just wanted to recreate something similar to the feeling of having a sword with Stoneforge Mystic. You can definitely cut this.


Although getting people with Mana Tithe is a lot of fun, its just not powerful enough and should probably be Thoughtseize. In this video, we play the Selesnya version really because I like Yasharn, Implacable Earth. However, the Orzhov version of Hatebears is much better thanks to the powerful discard spells in black. We do get some sweet cards like Scavenging Ooze which is great against Rogues but I don't think Ooze is good enough to drop black. Anywho, I'll just have to do an Orzhov version sometime in the future! 

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