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Fish Five-0: Mono White Bogles (Standard)

Last week there was a huge MTG Arena tournament in Redbull Untapped. There were tons of players and tons of talk about Lukka Agent decks, but I think there was a decklist that kind of slipped underneath the radar and it's the Mono White Bogles deck that lead a few pilots to a 7-1 finish. The best part is how extremely budget-friendly this deck is as it only uses five rares. Here's the list we use in today's video that was piloted to a 7-1 finish by Alfonso Bueno. 

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The deck plays a lot like a Slippery Bogle deck and is very all-in. We're not trying to grind or go late. Just jam early threats and attack the face for the most part.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

After getting on the ground early, we usually throw a ton of enchantments on our creatures to beef them up.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

That's right! We're playing cards like Solid Footing and Glaring Aegis! With all of the cheap enchantments we've got, we get a pretty beefy threat by turn 3 as we just jam an All That Glitters on it and then go to town. How do we deal with removal? 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

Once we've enchanted our threat, it's going to be pretty hard to take down whatever creature we have and we punish decks that stumble extra hard as we are extremely aggressive in the first few turns. The only thing that puts a damper on our plan is Teferi, Time Raveler but you can still play around him by firing off the protection spell with him on the stack. Just be mindful that if you give protection with Gods Willing, try not to name white as that will make all of our enchantments fall off. 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

Stonecoil Serpent although this card is a bit more mana hungry than some of our other threats, the upside for this card is insane when you think about how hard it'll be for a ton of decks to deal with outside of a board wipe. Its got protection from a Teferi bounce and has trample so we can't get chump blocked all day long. 



The deck definitely needs to get off the ground running as it really struggles with the late game once our opponents have a ton of mana and can take multiple actions in one turn. Another thing I feel the deck severely needs is something like a Drannith Magistrate to lockout companions and other spells like Adventures. It's unfortunate that in white we don't have something like a Gemrazer that can attack and blow up enchantments and artifacts as it felt weird having to draw Revoke Existence and cards like that to deal with Lucky Clover but we'll take what we can get! I also really like that the deck for the most gets around Elspeth Conquers Death which definitely boosts its appeal! 

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There's not much I would do to tune the deck other than go up to the full playset of Stonecoil Serpent and add Drannith Magistrate. The deck is extremely budget-friendly so if you're looking for a deck under $50 or only uses five rare wildcards, this is sweet. As we now have two budget decks with Boros cycling and Mono White Bogles!


As always, thanks for watching. See ya at the next one! 

If you ever have a deck you want to be made into a video feel free to leave a like, comment, Email, and subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel 

-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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