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Commander Clash LIVE! | Crim Week | Alela vs. Nicol Bolas vs. Mirko Vosk vs. Sol'kanar

A few weeks back we did a special bonus episode of Commander Clash where each of us streamed the game live on Twitch, so you had the opportunity to watch all the punts and banter happening in real time. Don't worry if you missed it, however, since we recorded the whole episode for you to watch!

Crim will be stepping out from the core roster next season, so to honor him and his unique Commander playstyle we're doing Crim Week, where each of us build a deck we feel best represents Crim's playstyle in Commander! Here's what we've got:

  • Richard plays Ashiok Tribal, hoping to Mill his opponents to death and use their cards against them with Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker
  • Crim plays a slightly modified version of one of his personal paper decks, an Enchantress deck led by Alela, Artful Provocateur
  • Seth plays Demon Tribal -- or maybe it's "Demon" Tribal, since it's Crim Week? -- led by Sol'kanar the Swamp King
  • Tomer shares Crim's love of Grixis and Superfriends, running a "friendly" version of Bolas Supervillains, led by none other than Nicol Bolas, the Ravager

This episode features a ton of Dimir Control, as is fitting for Crim Week! And fret not, while Crim won't be a regular next season, I guarantee he'll continue popping up now and then to annoy folks with Counterbalance and threaten the Aetherize that he most definitely has in hand!

Richard's Deck (Mirko Vosk)

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Crim's Deck (Alela)

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Seth's Deck (Sol'kanar)

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Tomer's Deck (Bolas)

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Season 8 Starting Soon!

Next season is going to be a major shakeup from previous seasons: instead of adding a new member to the roster for an entire season, we're going to bring in a new guest for every single episode! Expect to see a lot of Commander content creators and even some WOTC staff pop in for an episode!

We've already recorded a few of the episodes and are almost ready to start Season 8. Expect next season to start in a week or two! Thanks for watching and we'll be back soon!

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