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Commander Clash 8: 5-Color Tribal

Hello and welcome to another Commander Clash, a video series where several MTGGoldfish contributors battle in a four player Commander game for fun and bragging rights. This week everyone built 5-color Tribal decks. Here's the craziness we came up with:

  • Seth is representing Avatars — a tribe which nobody (including Seth) knows which cards belong in — with Progenitus.
  • Richard looks to build the perfect Sliver army with Sliver Overlord.
  • Jake goes deep with sweet Dragon flavor led by Scion of the Ur-dragon.
  • Tomer has fun building a D&D party of Allies tutored up by General Tazri.

Will Seth cobble together synergies with Avatars? Will Richard's Slivers turn into 50/50 flying, first strike, phasing monstrosities? Will Tomer find any gems amongst the janky Allies? Will Jake finally not be hated out first, just once?! Find out now! But first, a quick reminder: if you enjoy Commander Clash and other video content here on MTGGoldfish, make sure to subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel to keep up with the latest and greatest.


Seth's Deck (Progenitus)


Richard's Deck (Sliver Overlord)


Jake's Deck (Scion of the Ur-Dragon)


Tomer's Deck (General Tazri)



Next Week: Pauper Commander!

Who says you can't build a consistent 5-color manabase on a budget? I think this game shows that it's perfectly doable, even with different variations: you've got 10 tri-lands from Shards of Alara and Khans of Tarkir blocks, five vivid lands from Lorwyn, and then a bunch of other cheap lands for fixing. Combine that with mana rocks that tap for multiple colors, like Darksteel Ingot and Commander's Sphere, plus Green ramp like Rampant Growth, and you've got a solid way to cast everything you want without breaking the bank. The downside is that some of the best cheap multicolor lands come into play tapped, so your deck is a little slower, but honestly in actual playtesting it's not a big deal.

We've got something special in store for you guys next week: Pauper Commander. Our card choices are limited by rarity, allowing only Commons in our 99 (including cards that were printed at Common at some point in time, such as Mulldrifter). For our commanders, we're allowed to choose legendaries that were printed at either Common or Uncommon rarities. The official Pauper Commander rules allow any Uncommon as the commander, but we need to stick to Legendaries on Commander Clash so that we can play on Magic Online.

This is going to be a very different type of Commander and I'm super excited to see how it turns out!

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