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Timestream Magic: Selesnya Slide vs. Skullclamp Affinity

This week on Timestream Magic Seth and TheAsianAvenger dust off the boogeyman in Skullclamp and play an old historic deck vs a deck that was also from the same era of Magic, Selesnya Slide. Here's a brief summary of these two titans.

SkullClamp Affinity: 

If you're familiar at all with Modern and have seen what Affinity is now, then this will seem familiar as this is where it originated from. Only difference? This was Affinity in it's purest and final form. It dumped it's hand quickly but could immediately refill it's hand thanks to Skullclamp. The nastiest thing about this is Disciple of the Vault + Arcbound Ravager could could kill you from high health totals.

Selesnya Slide:

As you can tell, Skullclamp was quite the format warping card. So much so that decks had to Maindeck things like Veridian Shaman. The best part about this? It still was not enough. You still had to sideboard more cards like Oxidize. The cool about this deck though was the ability to play a control deck without blue! Using Astral Slide to blink Eternal Witness to buy back something like a Decree of Justice or a Renewed Faith was huge and would often put you too far ahead for your opponent to come back from. You didn't need a ton of removal because your deck is loaded with cycling and you can blink your opponent's threats.

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