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This or That Magic: Plants or Zombies?

Welcome to the second episode of This or That Magic, the series where we answer life's most important questions the best way we know how: with a game of Magic! This week, we are answering a question brought to us by a popular tower defense game: Plants or Zombies? Tomer will be championing the Plants side of the battle, while I'll be working up my Appetite for Brains and playing Zombies. By the time we're done, we'll know once and for all which is better: Plants or Zombies!

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The Decks


First off, it looks like we have our answer: Plants beat Zombies, so when the Zombie apocalypse comes, it's probably a good idea to take up gardening or move to the woods. In all honesty, I was impressed by the power of the Plants deck, especially Assault Formation, which turned all of the normally defensive Plants into powerful attackers. From the Zombie side, I gave myself a couple additional deck-building restrictions to keep the power level in check. Most obviously, the deck is singleton. As far as casual decks go, it would be really easy to build an extremely overpowered Zombie decks simply by playing efficient one- and two-drops and playsets of all the Zombies lords, so by making the deck singleton, I was able to play all of the powerful Zombies without being too overpowered (plus, I like the flavor implications of Zombies being singleton, since technically they are undead people, so there shouldn't be two of the same Zombie running around). Second, all of my creatures were not only Zombies but also had "Zombie" in their rules text as well. 

Both Tomer and I felt like our decks were pretty on-point flavor wise, but we want to know what you think, so we're including a poll! Which deck do you think best fit the flavor of the Plants or Zombies battle? 

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As always, let us know if you have any good this-or-that questions we can answer with a game of Magic, and leave your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and suggestions in the comments! You can reach me on Twitter @SaffronOlive (and Tomer @BudgetCommander) and at

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