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The Planeswalkers of War of the Spark

Howdy folks! It's Joe here, and we're here to do yet another Vorthos look into the world of Magic: the Gathering. The War is coming, and soon it will on our doorsteps! Nicol Bolas needs sparks, and his army of Eternals is coming for Ravnica. Standing on the side of justice and good is the Gatewatch along with numerous other Planeswalkers that are set to be involved in the War of the Spark. But how much do you know about these characters?

Well that's what I'm hoping to do today, to refresh your mind on the characters involved in this storyline and more. Brace yourself folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride with THIRTY SEVEN Planeswalkers to talk about.

Let's get things right out of the way with our protagonists of the set: The Gatewatch.

The Gatewatch

The Gatewatch, as most of you are aware of, was formed during the events of the Oath of the Gatewatch set, and its founding members were the Planeswalkers Jace Beleren, Gideon Jura, Nissa Revane, and Chandra Nalaar. As we moved through the sets we gained and lost members of the Gatewatch including Nissa, Liliana Vess as well as Ajani Goldmane and Teferi. The Gatewatch stands for justice and against interplanar threats, and named thusly because of the events at Sea Gate on Zendikar during the battle with the Eldrazi Titans Ulamog and Kozilek.

Jace Beleren

One of the more commonly well known Planeswalkers of the current age of storyline, Jace is a fairly polarizing character. People hate him or people love him. A gifted telepath hailing originally from the plane of Vryn, Jace grew up under the tutelage of a sphinx who used his abilities to continue a war between two factions on the plane, ultimately profiting off the spoils of playing both sides against each other. Jace learned of this, and in addition learned that he himself was a Planeswalker, a fact that the sphinx had wiped from his memory several times. When Jace ultimately confronted his tutor, his abilities flourished, destroying his mentor's mind and damaging his own memories in the process, at which point he accidentally planeswalked away to the plane of Ravnica.

Jace became more involved in a conflict between the planeswalker Tezzeret and the Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas throughout the course of the events of the Agents of Artifice novel. This is also when Jace first met Liliana Vess. At some point he also became involved in returning a stolen scroll that Chandra Nalaar had taken, and ultimately followed her to Zendikar, where the two planeswalkers plus the draconic walker Sarkhan Vol helped release the lock that kept the Eldrazi in check.

Jace would later return back to Ravnica, having established the plane as his home, where he became embroiled in a set of Guild politics that led to him becoming the Living Guildpact and arbiter of Ravnican law. It was after this that he first met with Vraska, and took a side jaunt to help the planeswalker Garruk.

During the events of Battle for Zendikar block, Jace met with the spirit dragon planeswalker Ugin and was there for the founding of the Gatewatch. He then made his way to Innistrad in search of Sorin Markov, but almost was driven mad by the influence of Emrakul on the plane.

Jace's largest amount of character development has come out of the Ixalan block, where he accidentally planeswalked to after being defeated by Nicol Bolas on Amonkhet. It was during Jace's time on Ixalan that he not only regained his full memories, but also became more confident in his abilities. In addition, he found a kindred spirit in the form of Vraska, and is secretly working with her to bring down Nicol Bolas during the Ravnican invasion.

Gideon Jura

Gideon Jura, otherwise known as Kytheon Iora, is a Hieromancer (meaning Law magic) from the plane of Theros. Kytheon became a champion of the God Heliod, instructed to take down the titan of the God Erebos. While he accomplished this with the help of his friends, Kytheon thought to turn his spear on Erebos himself. In his hubris, his friends were lost and his spark ignited, sending him hurtling through the Blind Eternities to the plane of Bant. He afterwards became known as Gideon.

Gideon would later become heavily involved with Chandra Nalaar during the events of The Purifying Fire. After the events of this novel, he journeyed to Zendikar in search of her, becoming embroiled in the war against the Eldrazi Titans. In his search to locate assistance, he also became pulled into the politics of Ravnican Guilds, assisting the Boros Legion. Eventually he realized he needed to help Zendikar, and approached Jace Beleren for that help. As one of the founding members of the Gatewatch, Gideon assisted the others in the defeat of the Eldrazi Titans on both Zendikar and Innistrad. On Kaladesh, he assisted Chandra Nalaar in destroying the planar bridge.

During the events of Amonkhet, Gideon became fascinated with the Gods there, owing to his time on Theros when he was younger. Gideon was a huge part of the battle versus Nicol Bolas and was the last Planeswalker to be defeated before leaving.

On Dominaria, Gideon became invested more with Liliana Vess, whom he initially did not trust. He helped her defeat the Cabal so that she could defeat Belzenok. During this event, Gideon acquired the Blackblade, a Legendary sword that was supposed to have the ability to defeat an Elder Dragon.

Chandra Nalaar

Chandra Nalaar is a pyromancer originally from the plane of Kaladesh. As a younger girl, her parents hid away with her in a remote village, as they were smugglers of the substance Aether that was heavily controlled by the Kaladesh government. As far as Chandra knew, he parents died during an attack on their village, an attack that was blamed on her own pyromancy, and she was taken to be executed. During her execution, her spark ignited, sending her to the plane of Regatha. On Regatha, she joined a pyromancer monastery devoted to the teachings of Jaya Ballard, and in The Purifying Fire not only did Chandra became embroiled in a conflict between The Order of Heliud and her monastery, but also stole a scroll from the plane of Kephalai as part of a job for the Planeswalker Ramaz. Chandra would eventually piece together that the scroll came from Zendikar, where she, Jace Beleren, and Sarkhan Vol ended up releasing the lock that held the Eldrazi in place.

Chandra returned to monastery life for a short period of time, before eventually ending up looking in on her friends on Zendikar, being the one to save them from the clutches of Ob Nixilis. She joined the Gatewatch and together with Nissa Revane utilized her pyromantic abilities to destroy Ulamog and Kozilek.

Chandra would later become heavily involved in the Kaladesh block, where she learned that her mother, Pia Nalaar, was alive and functioning as Renegade Prime in the revolt against the Consulate. There she faced childhood fears and her would-be executioner, Baral. The events of this block showed Chandra becoming closer to Nissa Revane, and learning to better meditate and center herself.

After the Gatewatch's defeat on Amonkhet, Chandra left the group shortly to gain more power after Nissa Revane left the group. She sought out Jaya Ballard, finding that the pyromantic planeswalker was none other than her mentor from the monastery on Regatha. With Jaya's tutelage, she learned how to better wield her pyromancy to great effect.

Ajani Goldmane

Ajani Goldmane is a leonin Planeswalker originally from the shard of Naya on the plane of Alara. He was born an outsider, due to his coloration, and cared deeply for his brother Jazal who was the Kha of his tribe. However, Ajani's brother was murdered, triggering Ajani's spark, forcing him to planeswalk to the shard of Jund. During the course of events, Ajani came to meet other Planeswalkers including Sarkhan Vol and Elspeth Tirel. He eventually discovered the plot to murder his brother tied into a greater conspiracy: the Conflux event engineered by draconic Planeswalker Nicol Bolas. In the end, he used a conjured effigy of the dragon born out of the Maelstrom's powers to defeat Bolas.

Ajani would later seek out his old friend Elspeth, finding her on the plane of Theros. There he journeyed with her to the edge of the world and into the heart of Nyx itself to defeat the Planeswalker Xenagos. After, however, the God Heliod killed Elspeth in front of him, hardening Ajani's heart against the concept of divine beings. Taking up Elspeth's cloak that he now wears to honor her memory, he sought to spread the word of the falsehoods of the Gods.

Sometime later, Ajani would locate the Planeswalker Tezzeret, who had connections to Nicol Bolas, on the plane of Kaladesh. There he assisted the Renegades and the Gatewatch, before formally becoming a member of the group. He also warned the Gatewatch about Nicol Bolas and left for Dominaria to find allies.

On Dominaria, Ajani reunited with Gideon and Liliana, upset that they had attempted to face Bolas without help. Thus, he left once more, seeking out more allies in the quest to defeat Bolas.


A master of time magic and one of the other Planeswalkers that existed pre-Mending, Teferi's history is vast throughout Magic's sets. Originally hailing from the Dominarian continent of Zhalfir, Teferi studied magic with the great Urza at the Tolarian Academy and also befriended Jhoira of the Ghitu and Karn. He ascended to become a Planeswalker, and was instrumental during the course of the Mirage Wars in addition to the Phyrexian Invasion. During the Invasion, he removed Shiv and Zhalfir from the timeline to save them from the Invasion.

Teferi would later return during Time Spiral block, where he sought to phase back in Shiv and Zhalfir and to close the time rifts that had been plaguing Dominaria. He was successful at doing so for Shiv, at the cost of his own Planeswalker spark, but unsuccessful at bringing Zhalfir back thanks to the Planeswalker Jeska. Teferi settled down in the wake of the Mending, marrying and having a daughter, Niambi.

Teferi appeared in the Dominaria set, having regained his spark from Jhoira (who had captured it inside a Thran power stone). He assisted the crew of the Weatherlight and the Gatewatch in defeating the Cabal, before becoming part of the Gatewatch himself.

Nissa Revane

Nissa Revane is an animist from the plane of Zendikar. As a child she learned how to hone her animist powers, communicating with Zendikar on a primal level. She learned how to summon Elementals and other creatures as she found that Zendikar was in pain and needed saving. Confronting the presence within the plane (the Eldrazi) she was met with unspeakable horror and her spark ignited, sending her to the plane of Lorwyn.

After traveling the planes she returned back to Zendikar to live amongst the Tajuru elves, until the events of Rise of the Eldrazi. It was during this time that Nissa met the Planeswalker Sorin Markov, and journeyed with him to the Eye of Ugin. There, Nissa was directly responsible for the freedom of the Eldrazi Titans, unlocking their prison in a misguided understanding that the Titans would save Zenikar. When they did not, Nissa blamed herself and began to fight back against the Eldrazi.

During the battle against the Eldrazi, Nissa restored her connection to the heart of Zendikar and ran afoul of the Planeswalker Ob Nixilis. She was present during the defeat of Ulamog and Kozilek after the founding of the Gatewatch, using her elemental magic to allow Chandra to conduct her pyromancy through her.

Nissa would later be involved in the Kaladesh storyline as she grew closer to Chandra Nalaar during this time. In addition, her presence on Amonkhet helped her grow into the usage of blue mana.

After the defeat of the Gatewatch and their arrival on Dominaria, Nissa angrily turned on Liliana Vess over the necromancer's usage of them to further her own goals. Disgusted with the Gatewatch, she severed her bond and her oath and left back to Zendikar.

Bolas and Friends

On the other side of things, we have Nicol Bolas and his cadre of Planeswalkers. For the sake of current knowledge, I will not be talking about the Guild Leader Planeswalkers, since we all know a bit more about them thanks to recent articles.

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh

What is there to say about Nicol Bolas that hasn't been said already? This dragon's history is long and storied and far too intensive to completely talk about here. Twin to Ugin, Nicol Bolas arose to power and became one of the first known Planeswalkers chronologically (before even characters like Urza). Let's talk about some of the stuff that Bolas has had his claws in:

  • "Killed" his brother Ugin over the skies of Tarkir
  • Ruled Madara until his body was destroyed by Tetsuo Umezawa
  • Returned prior to the Mending with the help of the Planeswalker Venser.
  • Orchestrated a plot to raise an Eternal Army on the plane of Amonkhet
  • Assembled a plot to use the Conflux on Alara to gain power
  • Helped Liliana with her demon contracts
  • Put into play the events that would ultimately release the Eldrazi
  • Keep an eye on the plane of New Phyrexia via his minion, Tezzeret
  • Claim the Immortal Sun
  • Invade Ravnica
  • Profit ???

That's just even a small short list of what Bolas has been up to over the course of history. Bolas is the baddest of the bad, and in War of the Spark, he's seeking to cast an ancient magic known as The Elder Spell to gain ultimate Godhood.


One of Bolas' most infamous minions, Tezzeret is an artificer from the shard Esper on the plane of Alara. He lived a poor life, scraping and clawing his way through Esper society until he became a Seeker, having replaced his right arm with an etherium one. During the course of the events, Tezzeret learned that the Codex Etherium (a sacred text supposedly containing the secrets of the creation of etherium) was actually a ploy and was blank. The shock of this revelation and an attack from the guards at the Academy ignited his spark, where he planeswalked to Grixis. After surviving the horrors of this plane he met the dragon Nicol Bolas.

Tezzeret at some point stole Bolas' organization, the Infinite Consortium, away from him, sparking a rivalry between the two. During this time Tezzeret recruited the telepath Jace Beleren and came into contact with Liliana Vess. During the course of the Agents of Artifice novel, Tezzeret was defeated by Jace and his mangled body was taken by Nicol Bolas, who secretly resurrected him into his service.

Tezzeret was later sent to watch the developing civilization on New Phyrexia, and later still sent to monitor the progress on Kaladesh. During the events of Kaladesh, Tezzeret masterminded the confiscation of the artifacts within the Inventors' Fair, only to gain access to one singular artifact: the Planar Bridge designed by Rashmi. Although the main construct of the bridge was destroyed by Gideon and Chandra, Tezzeret escaped with the core of the bridge installed inside of his arm, turning him into the Planar Bridge. He sowed seeds of Bolas' location to the Gatewatch.

Tezzeret would reappear at the end of the events of Ixalan, using the Planar Bridge to open a portal to take the Immortal Sun back to Bolas.

Liliana Vess

Former member of the Gatewatch, the Necromancer Liliana Vess is a Planeswalker from the plane of Dominaria. During her youth, her attempt to save her brother's life (encouraged by the mysterious Raven Man) would lead to her Planeswalker spark igniting, as her medicinal cure turned her brother into a zombie instead of curing him. She landed on the shadowy plane of Innistrad, which she called her new home.

Liliana is very old, one of the pre-Mending walkers, but when the Mending occurred she needed a way to stay alive. She approached Nicol Bolas, who helped her gain power through a contract with four demons. She would later go on to meet Jace Beleren during the events of Agents of Artifice with whom she would have a torrid affair, and the Planeswalker Tezzeret.

At some point the demon Kothoped sent her to locate an artifact known as the Chain Veil on the plane of Shandalar. Liliana successfully claimed the artifact, in the process cursing the Planeswalker Garruk Wildspeaker. She returned to Kothoped and murdered him, set on a quest to murder her demonic benefactors to free herself of her contract.

Liliana would later return to Innistrad to slay demon number two (Griselbrand), where she was instrumental in having the Helvault sundered to release the demon so she could kill him. It was after this event that she learned more of the true nature of the Chain Veil and its origins from the Onakke civilization that once thrived on Shandalar.

She would later go on to return to her home on Innistrad where she crossed paths with Jace once more, who was being driven mad by the influence of the cryptoliths. As Emrakul arrived, Liliana faced the Eldrazi horrors with undead of her own before being present for the sealing of the Eldrazi titan. Afterwards she joined the Gatewatch out of sheer necessity.

During Kaladesh, Liliana witnessed the presence of Tezzeret, and was responsible for bringing the rest of the Gatewatch to the city. In the end she squared off against Tezzeret himself, and found out that Bolas was present on Amonkhet, where one of Liliana's demons was present.

On Amonkhet Liliana was able to slay the demon Razaketh during the Hour of Devastation. While confronting Bolas, Liliana turned tail and planeswalked away on Bolas' orders.

On Dominaria, Liliana revealed that her last demon, Belzenok, was on the plane. Gideon opted to help her defeat Belzenok, believing that having Liliana freed of her contract would help them. While Liliana did indeed slay the demon, it was revealed as the broker of the contract, Nicol Bolas held the contract over her. Liliana ultimately left with Bolas, and as we can see in the trailer she is in command of the Eternal Army.

Other Planeswalkers

A lot of these other folks don't necessarily have sides yet (that we know of), but some are against and some are for Bolas.

Vivien Reid

The lone survivor of the plane of Skalla, Vivien Reid has a bone to pick with Nicol Bolas. Her world was savagely murdered by the dragon tyrant, leaving her alone and sparked as a Planeswalker during the event. However, Vivien is never truly alone. She carries with her the Arkbow, a powerful artifact devised by the people of Skalla that carries within it the essence of the dead creatures of her plane. As Vivien travels the planes, she gains more and more creatures inside of the Arkbow's magic, with the ultimate goal of collecting enough to go after Nicol Bolas himself. Now, she has her chance to do so.

Teyo Verada

Teyo is a new Planeswalker, hailing from the plane of Gobakhan. His specialty is shield magic, which he used to defend his home from diamondstorms. During one such tempest his spark ignited and his first plane he visited was the plane of Ravnica... during War of the Spark. That's right, Teyo is sucked into the conflict alongside many other planeswalkers as Nicol Bolas arrives to cast the Elder Spell and claim godhood.


Another old-walker, Karn was originally a creation of the Planeswalker Urza, who created him to be a probe to travel back in time based on the heart stone of a Phyrexian Sleeper Agent named Xantcha. Karn eventually would end up becoming part of the Legacy, and was instrumental in the Apocalypse when the Legacy Weapon was activated. He would become the first artificial Planeswalker.

Karn caused a slight ruckus on Dominaria with one of his probes, the Mirari, before taking the probe back to his artificial plane called Argentum. This plane would later become Mirrodin and Karn would be locked out of it, eventually gaining access thanks to Glissa Sunseeker.

Karn would later return during the events of the Mending where he attempted to close the Tolarian Rift in the past. While he was successful, the Phyrexian oil invaded his heart and Karn fled back to Mirrodin.

Karn devolved into madness as the Phyrexian corruption took hold. He was forced to watch as Mirrodin became New Phyrexia, slowly becoming the new Father of Machines. He was saved by Venser, who transported his spark into Karn before dying.

Karn reappeared in Dominaria, where he was seen digging up the Sylex that had ended the Brother's War. He intended to utilize it to destroy New Phyrexia, but became sidelined helping the Gatewatch defeat the Cabal. Afterwards, he chose not to take the Oath but opted to help the Gatewatch against Nicol Bolas.


Tamiyo is a Soratami Planeswalker from the plane of Kamigawa. She is a seeker of truth, a scholar. She spent much time on the plane of Innistrad, studying the moon and its effects on the plane. She was involved in the storyline during Shadows Over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon, where she assisted the Gatewatch in the sealing of the Eldrazi Titan, Emrakul. After this, she opted to not take the Oath, as she was frightened by her involvement in the sealing (as Emrakul herself had taken control of her body to force the sealing spell).

Tamiyo has an extended family on Kamigawa, and operates a "Story Circle" with other Planeswalkers, including Narset, Sarkhan Vol, and Ajani Goldmane.


Once, Narset was the Khan of the Jeskai Clan on Tarkir, but the timeline change made by Sarkhan Vol completely rewrote the plane's history and Narset instead grew up as a disciple of Ojutai, gaining the eye of the Dragon himself at a young age. During her research into the history of Tarkir, Narset found the hidden history that explained the Khans and the original Clans and the presence of the Spirit Dragon Ugin. This knowledge ignited her Planeswalker spark, but her will imposed upon herself prevented her from accidentally planeswalking. She met with Planeswalker Sarkhan Vol later on after this.

Sarkhan Vol

A man out of time itself, Sarkhan's origins lie in the plane of Tarkir's original timeline where he was part of the Mardu Horde. During a battle, he unleashed a mighty spell that ignited his Planeswalker spark, sending him hurtling to the shard Jund on the plane of Alara. Sarkhan's goal to find the ultimate dragon to worship led him to Nicol Bolas, who offered him power. He eventually witnessed Bolas' defeat during the Conflux, causing his mind to snap.

Bolas would later send Sarkhan to Zendikar, where in the Eye of Ugin he met with and attacked Chandra Nalaar and Jace Beleren, triggering the release of the Eldrazi. Sarkhan wandered afterwards, hearing the voice of the spirit dragon Ugin in his mind. Besieged by Ugin's visions, he returned to Tarkir where he met and befriended Narset of the Jeskai. Sarkhan traveled to Ugin's Nexus and appeared in the past, during the climactic events in which Nicol Bolas killed Ugin on Tarkir. Using a piece of hedron he was able to save Ugin from death before being catapulted back into the future. A different future.

Now Sarkhan is a living paradox, having appeared out of thin air, having never been born.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

Twin brother to Nicol Bolas, Ugin was also responsible for influencing the civilization on Tarkir in addition to helping seal away the Eldrazi with Sorin Markov and Nahiri. During a battle with his brother, Ugin was gravely injured but was saved at the last minute by Sarkhan Vol, who had traveled back in time. Due to this, the dragon tempests that spawned new dragons never stopped on Tarkir and when Ugin woke up, the Clans had become supplanted by the five Elder Dragon Broods. It was after he awoke that he met both Sarkhan and Sorin, the latter informing him of the Eldrazi's release.

Ugin went to Zendikar to begin reinforcing the hedron network that held back the Eldrazi, meeting Jace Beleren. Ugin warned Jace about the Eldrazi, but the Gatewatch chose to ignore his advice. Ugin was very angry with the Gatewatch, and opted to stay on Zendikar to study the remains of the creatures.

In addition to all of this, Ugin was directly responsible for hatching a plan with the Planeswalker Azor to trap Bolas on Ixalan using the Immortal Sun. This plan never came to fruition due to his battle with Bolas on Tarkir.

Ob Nixilis

Originally a human warlord and tyrant of an unknown plane, Ob Nixilis' spark ignited after he walked the bones of his dead plane. He quickly moved to conquering other planes. At one point, he acquired the Chain Veil, which cursed him and turned him into a demon. He went to Zendikar to try to cure this condition, running afoul of Nahiri, who implanted a hedron in his forehead which caused his spark to disappear.

At some point, Jace Beleren confronted Ob Nixilis and took the hedron from his forehead to use on Garruk Wildspeaker. This act allowed Ob Nixilis to regain his strength and during the events of Battle for Zendikar, he utilized the magic coming from the active hedron network to reignite his spark. He then called for the second Eldrazi titan Kozilek, before attacking the Gatewatch. He fled after being attacked in concert by the four Planeswalkers, vowing to get revenge on them.


A minotaur Planeswalker from an unknown plane, Angrath became trapped on the plane of Ixalan and involved in the events leading up to the capture of the Golden City. It became known that Angrath was angry because he missed his family. After the events of Ixalan, he left the plane, cursing it with his last words as he arrived back home to see his daughters.

There is some minor speculation that Angrath might be possibly working for Nicol Bolas, as his Planeswalker card in War of the Spark has the ability "Amass" which has been tied to Bolas' Eternal Army.


A storyteller and human Planeswalker from the plane of Ixalan, Huatli commands fierce dinosaurs into battle. Her spark ignited during the course of the story on Ixalan, but due to the Immortal Sun she was unable to perform her instinctive first planeswalk. After the Immortal Sun was removed, Huatli opted to add to her stories by journeying to other planes. One of the first planes she visited was Kaladesh, where she met Saheeli Rai.

Saheeli Rai

A human Planeswalker from the plane of Kaladesh, Saheeli is an artificer with the ability to shape metal at her will. She took part in the storyline, assisting the Renegades and the Gatewatch with defeating the Consulate. She also worked with Pia Nalaar to construct the Hope of Ghirapur. After the events of Kaladesh, she met Huatli from Ixalan.

Arlinn Kord

A werewolf Planeswalker from the plane of Innistrad. Arlinn Kord's spark ignited at a young age during a battle where she transformed and killed several devils. The ignition of her Planeswalker spark allowed her to retain her human mind in animal form, but she can only actively change back and forth while on Innistrad, where she is able to fully control her transformation. This gave Arlinn an understanding of the natural spirit inside like no other and she sought to protect her kind. She appeared during the events of Eldritch Moon, where she fought alongside Thalia and the other cathars against the horrors of Emrakul.


Hailing from an unknown plane, and also an unknown species, gender, you name it, Ashiok is a powerful sorcerer who dabbles in the realm of nightmares. Ashiok is first seen in the storyline on the plane of Theros, where they were responsible for bargaining with the God of Deceit, Phenax, and using their powers to create a new God out of belief. Ashiok's actions led them to be confronted by the mage Dack Fayden, who had come to Theros seeking the other half of a powerful magical gauntlet.

Jaya Ballard

An old walker from the plane of Dominaria, Jaya Ballard sparked originally after being possessed by Mairsil the Pretender. She was saved by Jodah, and then ascended to become a Planeswalker. Jaya's teachings of pyromancy are so well regarded that she inadvertently started a religious school on the plane of Regatha to teach pyromancers. Jaya eventually aged, going into hiding in plain sight as one of the monastery's leadership Mother Luti. She would eventually take in the pyromancer Chandra Nalaar and attempted to teach her how to use her powers safely. Eventually, Chandra would find out Jaya's true identity, and Jaya would go on to assist the Gatewatch in defeating the Cabal. After the events, she opted to join to fight Nicol Bolas, but refused to take the Oath to join the Gatewatch.


A merfolk Planeswalker from the plane of Zendikar, Kiora journeyed the planes searching for sea creatures to summon and control in order to bring them back to fight the Eldrazi on her home plane. Her journey led her to Theros, where she sought the legendary Kraken Arixmethes. By posing as a minor sea deity Callephe, she tricked Ajani and Elspeth into taking her to Arixmethes. There, she battled with Thassa, God of the Sea and stole her powerful Bident.

Returning to Zendikar, she became part of the effort to defeat the Eldrazi, however as the battle wore on she became convinced that it was possible to allow the Eldrazi Titans to leave Zendikar. She attempted to stop the Gatewatch's plans, but was rebuffed by Jace Beleren. After the events, she left on her own.


Samut is a human Planeswalker from the plane of Amonkhet. At a younger age, she and her friends Djeru and Nakht located an ancient temple on the outskirts of the city that held information about the God-Pharaoh, labeling him as "Trespasser". Later on, Samut would rediscover this information and other places labeling the God-Pharaoh as such and she realized that the God-Pharaoh was not saviour to the city. She was branded a dissenter, and later on attempted to convince her friend Djeru of the truth of things.

As the Hour of Devastation began, and the realization of the God-Pharaoh's true nature dawned on the populace, Samut was key in defeating the Scorpion God alongside Hazoret. Afterwards, she was thanked by Hazoret, which caused her spark to ignite upon the joy and euphoria she felt at being adulated by her deity. Samut quite possibly hates Nicol Bolas more than any other character, and her personal vendetta rages as she faces the Eternal Army that was once her friends and neighbors.

Sorin Markov

An ancient vampiric Planeswalker from the plane of Innistrad, Sorin was one of the three who helped seal the Eldrazi away on Zendikar. In addition, he was responsible for creating the angel Avacyn to protect the plane of Innistrad. At some point after this and the creation of the Helvault, Sorin was forced to imprison Nahiri inside of it after she attacked him for not coming to aid when the Eldrazi brood had broken free of their lock.

Later on Sorin was involved in investigating the Eldrazi on Zendikar where he met Nissa Revane. After the release of the Eldrazi Titans, Sorin washed his hands of the business and sought to find Ugin. He later found the Spirit Dragon on Tarkir alive and well, advising him about the Eldrazi.

Sorin would later find himself under attack by Nahiri once more, who had been freed when the Helvault was sundered. Sorin became forced to unmake his creation in Avacyn, removing the final protection on the plane for the Eldrazi Titan Emrakul to invade. Leading an army of Vampires upon Emrakul's forces, Sorin engaged Nahiri in combat, where he was imprisoned in a bed of rock which prevented him from planeswalking away.


A Kor Planeswalker from the plane of Zendikar, Nahiri was one of the three Planeswalkers who helped seal away the Eldrazi. Dutiful to the end, she remained on the plane, teaching generation after generation the stories of the creatures while keeping watch. After an event occurred in which some of the Eldrazi brood had appeared, she attempted to contact Sorin and Ugin, but received no reply. When she confronted Sorin on Innistrad, she angrily attacked him after he rebuffed her concerns. Given no choice, Sorin imprisoned Nahiri in the Helvault.

After being freed from the Helvault, Nahiri returned to Zendikar only to find that the Eldrazi had been completely freed and were devouring the plane. Something snapped inside Nahiri and she went to Innistrad, utilizing the cryptoliths to direct enough mana and drive the angels mad to try to bring the Eldrazi Titan Emrakul to the plane. She was successful in this, after Sorin unmade Avacyn.

She later fought Sorin, where she encased him in stone before planeswalking away.

Davriel Cane

A human Planeswalker and a diabolist from an unknown plane, Davriel is the main protagonist of the Children of the Nameless novella by Brandon Sanderson. Described as lazy (napping!) and mysterious, and his abilities not only allow him to converse and work with demons and devils but he also can steal spells from the minds of others, putting them to his own use.

Jiang Yanggu

A Planeswalker from the Plane of Mountains and Seas, Jiang first appeared in the Global Series product. He is accompanied by a sapient dog named Mowu who is able to planeswalk with him. His abilities are green aligned in nature as he has the ability to command forest creatures. Not much is known about Jiang other than the fact that he has no memory of who he is, waking up one day with no memories.


A half-human, half-devil Planeswalker from the plane of Innistrad, Tibalt is an instrument of chaos, seeking to cause pain and destruction wherever he goes. His spark ignited during experimentation where he cast a spell infusing his essence with that of a devil's causing all of the suffering he had ever caused to flow into him. During the events of the Innistrad block, Tibalt ran afoul of Sorin Markov and post War of the Spark it is shown that he is antagonistic towards Chandra Nalaar in the comic books.

Wrapping Up

Whew, that's a lot of planeswalkers to talk about! Even with skipping the Guild Walkers, there's still a lot of information to take in! I hope you enjoyed this journey into learning a little bit more about these characters! We're going to get a lot more on them with War of the Spark, that's for sure!

Until next time, keep on Planeswalking!

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