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The Godzilla Challenge: #GoldfishChallenge 2

Sometimes, people get caught up on "winning" in Magic being getting the opponent's life total to zero. But in reality, "winning" in Magic can be whatever you decide it should be. For today's #GoldfishChallenge, "winning" is making the biggest creature possible in Ikoria Standard, maybe even big enough to take down Godzilla! What creature is up for such a challenge? Everyone's favorite 0/3 Arboreal Grazer, of course! Here's the plan for #GoldfishChallenge 2: The Godzilla Challenge.

  • Make the biggest Arboreal Grazer possible, with a couple of rules. 1.) We're playing in Ikoria Standard this #GoldfishChallenge, rather than Historic. 2.) The buffing of Arboreal Grazer must be permanent (i.e., last through the end of turn), so Thousand-Year Storm and a Giant Growth effect isn't an option. 3.) No +1/+1 counters allowed, so no stalling out for 60 turns with Hydra's Growth on Arboreal Grazer! Beyond this, anything goes!
  • You can team up with a friend, play against Sparky, or try to pull off the #GoldfishChallenge in a ladder match (I wouldn't recommend this since your opponent will probably try to kill you, but if you pull it off in a real match, it would be even more impressive). Personally, I found this #GoldfishChallenge to work fine with Sparky as long as you protect Arboreal Grazer so Spark can't kill it (I'd recommend Mirror Shield for hexproof) and give Grazer lifelink so that Sparky can't swarm you with creatures (perhaps with Staggering Insight).
  • Once you've made the biggest Arboreal Grazer possible, take a video or screenshot and sent it to @MTGGoldfish on Twitter and hashtag it #GoldfishChallenge (if you can, try to include a link to the decklist you used as well, but this isn't a requirement). We'll check the results a week from today on Monday May 11.
  • Next episode, we'll be back with a new #GoldfishChallenge, and we'll discuss some of the most spectacular and interesting results from the Godzilla challenge. 
  • Oh yeah, if you have a challenge that you think would be perfect for the #GoldfishChallenge series, make sure to let us know in the comments!
  • Most importantly, have fun! Magic is an amazing game system, and sometimes it's easy to forget how much fun the game can be when you've slogged through yet another Fires of Invention / Lurrus of the Dream Den / Wilderness Reclamation match on the ladder. The entire idea of the #GoldfishChallenge is to do something spectacular within the rules of Magic and have a great time doing it!

Anyway, here's the result of my Godzilla Challenge #GoldfishChallenge along with some tips on the strategy I used to make the biggest Arboreal Grazer possible. 


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