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Single Scoop: Surveil in 2022? (Explorer)

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Way back when Guilds of Ravnica was in standard, I loved jamming some good ol' Disinformation Campaign and Wizards recently made some changes with cards like Search for Azcanta and so forth to be Surveil. Thanks to that, we're going to try to use a few more of those surveil cards. This idea came to be thanks to Igor Nunesabreu's original list that was sent to me.

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If you weren't playing back during Ravnica 3, the TLDR was to grind our opponents out with cards like Disinformation Campaign and then windmill slam Nicol Bolas, the Ravager and other cards to chew away at our opponent's resources. And many of you might be asking, "isn't the meta Greasefang rampant?" To that, I say yes. However, our game plan is to hopefully dodge them or have a few of our graveyard hate pieces and pray. 


The deck struggles against anything hyper aggro as we are loaded with dead draws against aggression. I tried to help us out by throwing in Shadows' Verdict as that also helps get rid of Greasefang and any milled copies of it forever. The deck is still pretty clunky and might be too slow for Explorer/Pioneer but that might not always be the case as Wizards must have a purpose for the changes. I don't know when we'll see more Surveil payoffs but I have to imagine it'll be sometime during Ixalan 2.

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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