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Single Scoop: Not Your Typical Naya (Standard)

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When you think of Reanimator you never really thought of Naya but recently it's been one of the sweet new ways to play reanimator thanks to Invoke Justice.

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In a fair format where everyone is playing the fair game, cheating out big beefy threats can make it hard for people to just simple play small threats or ride the back of Liliana of the Veil. It's why cards like Titan of Industry and Sanctuary Warden are power houses. The best part of this deck is that it actually ramps surprisingly well thanks to The Restoration of Eiganjo. This means we do have an inevitability game plan as we can just hard cast our big threats if we don't draw the Invoke justices. 

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Karn's Sylex(Karn's Soup Bowl) is another card I've been jamming into so many decks as its a board wipe for any color deck. I have to imagine this card is even better than I'm giving credit for. It reminds me of how it felt when I played with Perilous Vault in standard but it also has an extremely easy to use activated mode. Even better, Karn's Soup Bowl allows us to also shut down abilities that require people to pay life so you can shut down Tenacious Underdog recursion ability!


The deck has been surprisingly resilient as long as we don't get bodied by Graveyard Trespasser . Try not to pitch your threats unless you can absolutely reanimate it the following turn! Otherwise, the deck has enough sweepers to lock down the early game and go bigger than most decks!

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