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Single Scoop: Gruul Vortex Burn (Standard)

This is going to be an unusual deck for me as I don't normally play burn but this whole deck goes out to LavaSpik3 who does! It's not really your typical burn deck with Lightning Bolts but we do have Roiling Vortex and a Torbran, Thane of Red Fell. We also got some other sweet new cards like Relic Robber to try to keep up the chip damage. To top it all off, we also have Chandra's Incinerator for the turns we do pop off with non combat damage. You may also be wondering what the green is in the deck or and at the time of filming, Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath was still legal so I added Klothys, God of Destiny to eat up the yard while still keeping up the burn! The deck by no means is a competitive deck but it is sweet when you get  the pieces together. Here's the decklist I started with:

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The deck relies on it's early enchantments to eat away at our opponent's health until we can find an opening to fling burn spells like Roil Eruption and Slaying Fire to close

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When playing against a deck with a ton of lifegain, it's really important to leave up red mana as its extremely important to negate any kind of lifegain we can but to also be mindful that Roiling Vortex also hits us so try to avoid playing too many of them against a deck like Red Deck wins. We also have Klothys, God of Destiny to hate out the graveyard while also gaining us back some of the life lost from Vortex and our mana base. Both of these cards will get a damage buff when paired with Torbran, Thane of Red Fell

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Our deck relies on Torbran to stick but if we have any of our enchantments to just get a few triggers off of Torbran, that's good enough. The strategy is extremely janky but in best of one, we can get away with those kind of strategies. I would say that even if our Torbran gets removed on the opponent's turn, just being able to get a few triggers off of Roiling Vortex + Torbran is more than enough to swing the match in our favor as long as the opponent doesn't gain too much life. We've also got Relic Robber for our surprise haste damage. Though the construct it leaves behind doesn't get a damage buff from Torb, it is another permanent on the board that the opponent needs to deal with eventually. I really wanted to play four copies of this card but as a 2/2 it gets outclassed by too many things but it does work to the unsuspecting opponent!

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Though the deck has ways to negate the lifegain, the deck can't keep up with the 4C Omnath decks that just drop their whole deck in one turn. However, if you're getting paired against slower decks that don't do a lot early, this deck can excel. With the most recent B&R, I don't think the Omnath deck really slows down at all but the deck is a sweet and janky brew that will hopefully get more with future releases. For right now, there just aren't enough cheap burn spells like Boros Charm and Lava Spike to be a true burn deck but we sure as heck can try!

As always, thank you for watching and supporting the content! See everyone at the next one!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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