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Rough Drafts: Dominaria (Arena)

Rough Drafts time! This week, we are trying something a bit different. While we're drafting Dominaria (one of the best limited formats in years), we're drafting on Magic Arena rather than on Magic Online! This changes things a bit. On Magic Arena, you don't actually draft against other players (at least, not yet); instead, you draft against the AI and then play your matches against other players (who also drafted against the AI). How does this quirk change limited? What is drafting like? Let's get to the video and find out! Oh yeah, one last thing: this video was recorded a while ago, and you'll probably notice that we end up racing the clock before the event ends. Thankfully, Dominaria drafts are available all the time now, so the event ending is no longer an issue.

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Rough Drafts: Dominaria (Arena)


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