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Product Review: BCW Gaming Deck Locker

Today we’re going to take a look a much often overlooked aspect of playing Magic: supplies and accessories. The kind folks over at BCW sent us some product samples, so today we’re going to review the BCW Gaming Deck Locker deckbox.

BCW Gaming Deck Locker


The first thing to look at when purchasing a deck box is whether or not it will fit your deck! This seems trivial, but decks come in many sizes. Whether you want a box to fit a limited deck with sideboard (~40-60 cards), a standard deck (75 cards), or a commander deck (100) makes a big difference. Also factor in if you single-sleeve or double-sleeve your cards. The Deck Locker fit my double-sleeved 75 card legacy deck with ample room for tokens. Although the officially listed capacity is 80 cards, this should fit a single-sleeved commander deck, and of course a single or double-sleeved standard deck.

BCW Deck Locker Dice Tray

The Deck Locker comes with a nifty dice tray to hold any dice or counters you may play with. There is plenty of storage for multiple dice, and it is also large enough to hold a D20. This is important because I’ve run into deck boxes that only fit standard 6-sided dice and not D20s. The dice tray can also be accessed separately from your cards, although I'm not sure what the purpose of that is.


The Deck Locker uses a magnetic flap as its opening mechanism. There’s three strong magnets on the main flap, and as hard as I tried, I could not shake the flap open. Unlike other magnetic flap cases (i.e. the mana flip box), this one was really secure and there isn’t a risk of your box spilling open in your backpack. This flap is what sets this deck box apart (in my opinion) from its closest competitor, the Ultra Pro Satin Tower (a deck box I also highly recommend). Both provide quality protection, good capacity, and dice storage; however, the Satin Tower has a snap-lock opening and it’s sometimes really hard to open. I’ve actually spilled my deck onto the table with the amount of force needed to open the satin tower. The Deck Locker flap is always easy to open so it gets a leg up there.

BCW Deck Locker Card Fit

My only concern with the Deck Locker is the lack of snugness when holding cards. When filled to capacity, there is about a 1/2 inch space between on top of the cards and on the sides. This means that if you shake your Deck Locker, your cards can shift around. I guess this is why the interior of the Deck Locker is lined with microfiber, but I would really prefer it if the cards didn’t shift at all. To be fair, every deck box I’ve ever used has this problem; my guess is the manufacturers want the box to fit a variety of card sizes for other CCGs/TCGs. 


BCW Deck Locker Exterior

This is highly subjective, but I think the exterior looks slick. It’s a textured almost rubbery finish and looks great. The biggest downside is the get only one choice in color: black. So I hope you like black. I assume BCW will be releasing more colors in the future, but I have no idea.


The MSRP of the Deck Locker is $18.95. It’s a solid deck box and I highly recommend it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it as a deck box. However, the Ultra Pro Satin Tower is also a solid deck box with similar features, but can be bought for around $11. So while I give a slight edge to the Deck Locker due to the ease of operation of the flap and its aesthetics, it’s up to you to decide if those features are worth a few extra bucks. 


  • Holds over 80 sleeved standard gaming cards
  • Durable textured exterior
  • Microfiber faux-suede interior
  • Flip-open panels with strong magnetic closure
  • Removable dice tray with independent access


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