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Possibility Storm: Rivals of Ixalan #5

Hello, Magic puzzlers! This week, we are trying to trick you. You see, with uncommons, we can't use too many rules tricks or force you through too many steps. The answer to a good uncommon is obvious after the fact, so we need to try to trick and distract you from what will be obvious. Some people will be distracted for awhile, and others will not even see the distraction because they started from a different point or just missed it altogether. Make sure to RTFC (as judges say: read the full card). Good luck!

These puzzles are free to play, but if you like to challenge yourself or others, then you can get early access over here. Each puzzle has a unique solution, but if you find a better one that our crack staff of puzzle analysts missed, you can reach us here or on Twitter @mtgpuzzles.

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