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Possibility Storm #6: Ixalan

Hello, puzzlers! There is no video solution today; however, we have a fun little Uncommon puzzle for you to play with. As you can see, this puzzle has a cluttered board. In fact, without the listed Uncommon rating, some folks might assume this is a much harder puzzle, given last week's Mythic board. But a few cards that were added in really limit complexity. Notice the small amount of mana? Notice the two Kinjalli's Sunwings? Without a ton of mana, you won't be able string together multiple spells, and two Sunwings means that getting even more creatures onto the board won't help you that much.

The key to making a puzzle "easier" is to find ways to limit the potential paths available to the puzzler. Most of our puzzle testers run through a couple of lines right away to limit the choices in front of them.

  1. All-out attack with everything: This gets two damage in, and a Flame Lash means that you are capped at six damage. 
  2. Remove a blocker with burn: Since we don't have trample, this actually ends up dealing less damage then scenario one.
  3. Fling: Attacking with all your creatures gets in 2 damage, and using Fling on your four-power creature ends up at six again.

There aren't too many more paths left to review after eliminating these. Some hints: most puzzles have themes. In this puzzle, the word "discard" appears on seven cards! This is a tool we use to help guide folks on how to win. We have to go out of our way to show zones like the graveyard or library, so pay attention when we go to all the extra effort, as it's probably important. Find the full solution here.

These puzzles are free to play but if you like to challenge yourself or others, then you can get early access over on the Possibility Storm Patreon. Each puzzle has a unique solution, but if you find a better one that our crack staff of puzzle analysts missed, you can reach us on our Facebook or on Twitter @mtgpuzzles. Good luck!

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